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17 Simple Condom Facts Everyone Should Know

You may think you know nothing about prophylactics, but we bet you know the most notable of condom facts (i.e. the main reasons why anyone uses them in the first place). There are myths and truths out there, so we’re here to give you some of the basic condom facts to demonstrate that there is more [...]

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Why Do Condoms Break: 11 Common and Surprising Reasons

So, why do condoms break? You never want it to happen, but it’s good to be aware of the reasons so you can hopefully avoid any unexpected mishaps. Before we go any further, we want to state that condoms are a very reliable form of protection and possible breakage has hardly any correlation with the product [...]

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Condoms and Earth Day: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As the world celebrates the Earth Day annually on April 22, we recognize that condoms and Earth Day are a good pairing. Earth Day increases awareness of issues relating to our natural environment. There is nothing more natural than sex. Just like we need to save the planet, we need to protect our loins.Condoms and Earth [...]

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Non Latex Condoms: Rubber Allergy Sufferer's Rejoice

We want to let you in on a little secret. Not all “rubbers” are made of rubber. Some look like and feel like they are, even when they aren’t. Stick around as we cover the highlights of non latex condoms, including their various materials, effectiveness, sizes, types & styles and more. Perhaps more important, discover [...]

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Condom Shapes: From Straight-Wall to Super Bulbous

Learning about shapes in geometry is a bit of a bore to some. Learning about condom shapes, on the other hand, especially those designed to help you fully enjoy your favorite intimate activity, is much more enticing. Most people think of condoms as pretty simple, lookalike rubber devices for capturing the result of a man's most [...]

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Learn How to Say Condom in Multiple Languages

You always want to be safe when traveling, whether it’s for work or for pleasure. Being safe includes wearing condoms. Do you know how to say condom in other languages? If you’ve never thought of that, it’s ok. We’re here for you. The foreign word for condom sometimes is very similar to English, but in [...]

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How Are Condoms Made and What’s Their Quality Control

It's hard to believe that condoms, those male climax-capturing devices, have been around for hundreds of years. From early, rather primitive versions to modern day, many times electronically tested products, their quality has thankfully evolved noticeably over the centuries. So how are condoms made and what's their quality testing today? The invention of the rubber vulcanization [...]

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Lambskin Condoms: STDs Have No Fear but Sperm Do

Unless you are a condom aficionado and know your way around rubbers, you might be puzzled a bit about Lambskin condoms. We don't blame you; this unusual word pairing has the power to stop the music. This article demystifies these exclusive non-latex condoms, and we explain what we mean by that caught-your-attention headline.Did you know? Did you [...]

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Most Popular Condom Brands Users Trust

People are intimately active everywhere so it makes sense that there are condom brands all over the world. Like in every industry, some are more successful than others, and brands come and go. Small vs. Large The majority of the world’s condom brands are small, and their reach doesn't cross the borders of the country in which [...]

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Condom Lubrication Allows More Slip and Slide Fun

When you were a kid, didn’t you love the slip and slide in your friend’s backyard? You probably spent countless summer days wet and having a great time. Well, condom lubrication is like the adult equivalent. This slippery substance keeps you wet and allows you to easily slide and glide during intimate activities. Without any lube, [...]

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