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How Are Condoms Made and What’s Their Quality Control

It's hard to believe that condoms, those male climax-capturing devices, have been around for hundreds of years. From early, rather primitive versions to modern day, many times electronically tested products, their quality has thankfully evolved noticeably over the centuries. So how are condoms made and what's their quality testing today? The invention of the rubber vulcanization [...]

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Lambskin Condoms: STDs Have No Fear but Sperm Do

Unless you are a condom aficionado and know your way around rubbers, you might be puzzled a bit about Lambskin condoms. We don't blame you; this unusual word pairing has the power to stop the music. This article demystifies these exclusive non-latex condoms, and we explain what we mean by that caught-your-attention headline.Did you know? Did you [...]

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Most Popular Condom Brands Users Trust

People are intimately active everywhere so it makes sense that there are condom brands all over the world. Like in every industry, some are more successful than others, and brands come and go. Small vs. Large The majority of the world’s condom brands are small, and their reach doesn't cross the borders of the country in which [...]

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Condom Lubrication Allows More Slip and Slide Fun

When you were a kid, didn’t you love the slip and slide in your friend’s backyard? You probably spent countless summer days wet and having a great time. Well, condom lubrication is like the adult equivalent. This slippery substance keeps you wet and allows you to easily slide and glide during intimate activities. Without any lube, [...]

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How Effective are Condoms at Protecting Your Private Parts

We know that we should practice safer sex but just how effective are condoms in reality? Prophylactics have a clearly defined sense of purpose — to deliver on a promise. That promise focuses primarily on one thing — protecting your private parts — and condoms do that one thing extremely well. How effective are condoms? There wasn't [...]

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Best Condoms: Your Indispensable Guide for 2019

The new year is in full swing, and that means that we updated our list of the best condoms to try in 2018. As you can imagine this task is never easy because we feel a huge responsibility towards you, our customers, current and future. We think these are the best condoms today because we've seen plenty [...]

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Spermicide Condoms Add Another Layer of Protection

When you absolutely, positively don’t want to get knocked up… that’s when you use spermicide condoms. What makes these rubbers even more dependable protection against unintended pregnancies is something that arouses a variety of questions for people who think all condoms are created equal. Keep on reading to learn more about why you may want to [...]

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FDA Condom Quality Control for Class II Devices

We use condoms to help protect ourselves from STDs and unintended pregnancies. So it’s a given that the condoms we trust should meet the highest quality standards. Whether you use products from the leading condom brands that have a long history or from smaller and lesser-known labels, you want your protection to be as dependable as [...]

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How to measure your penis size step by step guide

There are skills in life they won’t teach you in school. Learning how to measure your penis size is one of them.  This extracurricular activity seems unnecessary in everyday life, perhaps. That is unless you want to figure out what condom size you need. We’ve broken this article into two sections — tips and technique — plus [...]

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Condom Material: What Penis Sheaths Are Made of Today

You’ve probably heard the nickname rubbers used interchangeably with condoms whether you are new to safer sex or an experienced pro. It’s a fitting name when you consider the type, elasticity and stretchiness of the standard condom material. They look like a better, more sophisticated version of party balloons, and they are indeed a part [...]

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