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How Effective are Condoms at Protecting Your Private Parts

We know that we should practice safer sex but just how effective are condoms in reality? Prophylactics have a clearly defined sense of purpose — to deliver on a promise. That promise focuses primarily on one thing — protecting your private parts — and condoms do that one thing extremely well. How effective are condoms? There wasn't [...]

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Trojan Ecstasy: Condoms with More Room

When Trojan Ecstasy first came out, their unique style made some take a second look and wonder. How is this baggy condom going to feel? It is clear by now that the appearance is not the only differentiator. Condom brands are on a quest — to continually develop products that fulfill more than the principal function, [...]

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When Were Condoms Invented: Explore Their Curious History

When were condoms invented? That’s a topic historians and archaeologists still actively debate. We feel their pain. Trying to track down the history of condoms all the way to their roots is no small feat. Prophylactics go back further than you might think, but these semen-snaring devices certainly do have a sordid past. Not exactly refined [...]

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Funny Condom Slogans to Get You Laughing & Loving

So, you’re dating someone new, and even though you’ve only gone out on two dates, things are heating up, fast. You know it’s only a matter of time, like your next date.... But, before it happens, you know you have to have the talk.  Bringing up sexually transmitted diseases, safer sex and all that junk isn’t [...]

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What is Safer Sex?

This may sound silly, but I'm not exactly sure what safer sex is. Can you tell me more about what it means to have safer (safe) sex? We are always happy to expound on the topic of safer sex, or safer sex as some now say, which means taking precautions when engaging in sexual activity to [...]

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Condoms?

Condoms are balloon look-alike devices for adult extra-curricular activities. They help with pregnancy prevention and STD protection, and above all, they don't cost that much. So, how old do you have to be to buy condoms, anyway? In case you are wondering, you can never, ever use a balloon in place of a condom but it [...]

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What is the difference between Polyisoprene vs. latex condoms?

There are a lot of similarities between Polyisoprene condoms and their latex counterparts, but there are also some differences so let’s quickly examine both. If you take these two condoms out of their wrappers and put them next to each other, there is hardly any visual difference. They are both stretchy and semi-sheer. There isn’t [...]

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Ribbed Condoms Pleasure You More

The condom's sleek and lubricated design has helped move many over the brink of ecstasy. Yet there are times when maybe you desire a little more from your trusted sheath, enter the world of ribbed condoms. These types of rubbers have ribbing strategically placed alongside the shaft with the [...]

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Enjoy Longer Sex Sessions with Condoms with Benzocaine

What's a guy to do when he wants to keep going but just can't keep himself from going over the edge? An easy answer to this common problem is to use condoms with benzocaine. Benzocaine is a mild anesthetic that desensitizes the penis in order to delay ejaculation. [...]

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Flavored Condoms: A Full Sensory Experience

The old saying "everything in moderation" may ring true for certain things; but when it comes to picking out flavored condoms, a little excess can take you a long way. They offer maximization of all things sensual without compromising on safety. Most importantly though, this condom type gives [...]

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