Polyurethane Condoms Transform Your Body Heat

Polyurethane condoms are no longer the newest type of prophylactics available, but this material might be new to you. If it’s your first time hearing this term, or you just want more info on all things rubber related, we want you to familiarize yourself with this alternative condom material. Who knows, you might have already been rocking polyurethane on your penis for some time without even realizing it.

Though not as standard and widely available from a variety of manufacturers, polyurethane condoms have their place and purpose. This niche condom material has its loyal user base of raincoat-wearing, safer-sex-practicing fans.

A little bit of history

The first polyurethane condom came along back in the mid-1990s. Durex is the trailblazing company that introduced this polyurethane condom to the market. Back then these revolutionary condoms had the name Avanti or Durex Avanti to be exact. Until these, natural rubber latex was the only standard condom material available except the unique item called lambskin condoms. Made of natural animal intestines, lambies have been around for hundreds of years.

The fear of AIDS

Due to the AIDS epidemic in the 80s, condom use increased, causing a serious demand for prophylactics. Durex Avanti was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stable waters of the condom manufacturing industry. The 90s brought even more new types of condoms to the market. The goal was to make condoms as appealing as possible to every demographic of users because the fear of a deadly disease (AIDS) was too significant to take lightly.

What’s polyurethane?

In simple, easily digestible terms, polyurethane is a medical grade material that looks like clear, thin plastic to the naked eye. The medical industry uses products made of polyurethane because of its versatility. For example, you might see your dentist or gynecologist wearing polyurethane gloves when they examine you. Polyurethane is not as stretchy as natural latex but it has its advantages.

Later in this article, we touch on the pros and cons of this material. For now, we’ll just give you the teaser that there is a significant advantage that overshadows any disadvantage.

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Increasing your sensitivity

One of the most significant complaints some men have about condoms, in general, is that they decrease sensitivity. This opinion is subjective and varies with every user, but there is a link between not wanting to use a condom and how a condom makes some users feel. Condom manufacturers do their best to make you feel good.

Of course, we all want to feel good but never forget that condoms are here to help protect us from STDs and unintended pregnancies. Aside from this important task, we also demand sensitivity and a close-to-using-no-condom-at-all feel. Polyurethane condoms fit the bill.

Trojan Supra

More details

Current manufacturers

Currently, the only manufacturer of polyurethane condoms is Trojan. This brand’s product name is Supra, or Trojan Supra Bareskin in its entirety. In the last few years, Trojan added the Bareskin sub-name as a part of their product line rebranding strategy. Don’t confuse this, however, with the whole Trojan Bare Skin product line that features several natural latex condoms.

Meanwhile, the original Durex Avanti, which was polyurethane, is no longer available on the market. Durex rebranded and revamped their Avanti and now offers this condom in polyisoprene. You might know it by its full name Durex Avanti Real Feel or by its orange and blue box. To avoid any possible confusion, remember that polyisoprene condoms are “stretchier” and more closely resemble natural latex condoms. The best condom example for you in this material is the SKYN Condoms product line from LifeStyles. Make sure to check it out for good measure since SKYN is a must try condom no matter what.


Condom size is also a factor for every condom regardless of its material. Natural latex condoms are available in a much wider size range (S, M, L, XL) while polyurethane condoms only come in a single size.

As we already mentioned, the polyurethane material lacks a bit in the stretchiness department. That’s why it's important to understand that even though Trojan Supra has a wider condom base, it’s still a regular (medium) size condom. This comes into play if you are a bigger-than-average size guy. You don’t want to have any issues when putting on a condom, especially the first part of unrolling it over the head of your penis.

If you use a condom that is stretchy like one made of rubber latex or polyisoprene, rolling it over the head of your penis is easier. What do you do in the case of polyurethane condoms that do not possess those very elastic characteristics?

Trojan Supra is only available in a single size but don’t write it off just because you think it's not the size for you…

FDA approval

If you know anything about condoms, you might be aware that their regulations are under the watchful eye of the FDA. This U.S. government agency sets the bar when it comes to quality control for prophylactics.

Whether you buy condoms from Trojan, Durex, LifeStyles or Kimono, to name a few, you know the FDA screens all of these products, giving you peace of mind in terms of safety.

Note: Always read the retail box for any warnings, messages, and recommendations from the manufacturer in regards to compatible lubricants and such.


According to various studies, polyurethane condoms provide the same effectiveness for STD and pregnancy prevention as natural latex condoms. The rate of condom effectiveness is already very high at 98%, so there is no reason to worry no matter what condom you decide to use.

Just be sure to use it as recommended every time. That’s when condoms give you their highest dependability.

How much do polyurethane condoms cost?

Let’s start by saying that polyurethane condoms are more expensive than their natural latex counterparts. Scroll up to the featured Trojan Supra to learn more about the current pricing and available deals.


As you can imagine, condoms are very personal products, which makes determining what’s best for each person a little challenging. If you want to give Trojan Supra a try…

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Pros and Cons of the polyurethane condoms

There are for sure more pros than cons when it comes to the polyurethane material. Take a look at the list below.


  1. No latex allergens
  2. The polyurethane material contains no latex allergens, and that is excellent news for anyone who might suffer from sensitivity to latex. If this is you, add Trojan Supra to your list of latex-free condom options.

    Note: As a reminder, non-latex condoms are not only for allergy sufferers but also for anybody who prefers the polyisoprene or polyurethane materials.

  3. Transferring body heat
  4. Polyurethane transfers body heat exceptionally well, and that’s one of its best advantages. As a result, you may feel your partner's body better and consequently get more aroused. The more aroused you are mean a harder and longer erection for some. This varies with every user as you might have already guessed.
  5. Strength
  6. A strong condom is a good condom. Polyurethane performs quite well in the strength department.

    Note: In general, any condom material is strong enough as long as you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for care, storage and usage. This includes having enough lubrication. An insufficient amount of lube is the #1 reason for possible condom breakage.

  7. Lack of smell (scent)
  8. With many condoms, especially those in the past, you might notice an odor, light or strong, after opening the condom wrapper. Polyurethane does not have that issue. It is an odorless material. How great is that?
  9. Appearance
  10. It looks like clear plastic in the shape of a condom. Trust us, it's not as weird as it sounds.

    Once you’ve seen it, it’s easy to know the difference and see that it's not a natural latex condom but rather one made of polyurethane.

  11. Sensitivity, comfort & natural feel
  12. The Polyurethane material is not as stretchy as latex, meaning that it doesn’t tightly contour the body. This actually gives you more freedom of movement when the condom is on.

    If you are not entirely convinced about the characteristics of this material, give it a try for your own conclusions.


  1. Price
  2. Polyurethane condoms are a bit more expensive compared to regular latex condoms. The price of a pack of 6 is around $9 - $10.
  3. Size
  4. Since there is only a single polyurethane condom available on the U.S. market, it’s easy to address its size specifically. Trojan Supra is available in regular size exclusively, which means the condom base is medium in girth. Large size guys sometimes struggle to put the condom on over the head of their penises. If you manage that with ease you can rock this condom even if you are larger. If you are less than average down there, this one may be a bit big for you.

    That is all for Pros and Cons. If we missed anything, feel free to let us know, and we will add it to our Pros and Cons list.


Polyurethane condoms may not be as common or widely available from a variety of brands, but they are a great alternative option for humping responsibly.

As a recap, the polyurethane material does not stretch as much as the latex material does, so keep that in mind when using it for the first time. Polyurethane might seem a bit unusual especially coming from elastic, natural latex condoms. The Pros, however, overpower the Cons and you know that you always get the reliable pregnancy prevention and STD protection you expect from a condom.

If you are looking for a non-latex alternative or just another cool option, give polyurethane condoms a try to see for yourself if you like them. Who knows, this condom material might become your new favorite.

As always, be safe no matter what you do and whom you are doing it with because what’s most important is to always Hump Responsibly.

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