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Non Latex Condoms

Non Latex Condoms

Not all condoms are created equal and not all are made of latex. Enter the world of non-latex condoms. Advances in development and manufacturing in the last 30 years have given us many more options for latex free condoms and you can trust that Condom Jungle has the best selection. Non-latex condoms are, as the name suggests, condoms made out of materials that are not latex. The most commonly used materials are polyurethane and polyisoprene. While both are just as effective at protecting against unwanted pregnancy and STIs there are some key advantages they have over latex.

One of the benefits of non latex condoms is that they are a great alternative for people with a latex allergy. Imagine breaking out in hives or worse every time you tried to use a condom?! Not sexy. Using latex free condoms allows anyone with a latex sensitivity the freedom during sex that’s necessary to get your groove on. Polyisoprene condoms are an excellent choice because they are a synthetic version of latex minus the allergens, so it’s ideal for anyone with a condom allergy. Since it’s as stretchy as latex, you would use it just like a regular condom and not use any oil based lubricant with it. It’s also softer than polyurethane and out preforms latex when it comes to transmitting body heat. Hotter sex and a soft feel are a winning combination. Durex has their variation with the Durex Avanti Bare. This ultra-thin polyisoprene condom is specially shaped for comfort. It feels soft as skin and warms to your body temperature for a really heated experience. If its variety you’re after, Skyn condoms from Lifestyles has all that you need.

Skyn condoms offer many different types of polyisoprene condoms. Lifestyles Skyn Original was the first condom ever made of this material. It’s highly rated by both men and women for ultimate stimulation. For a smooth, gliding feel try Lifestyles Skyn Extra Lubricated. The extra lubrication will give both of you extra pleasure. Lifestyles Skin Elite will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. This ultra-thin condom is 10% thinner and softer than other Lifestyles. Intensify pleasure for her with the textured deep studs of LifeStyles Skyn Extra Studded. This is the first premium textured polyisoprene condom and will increase sensation for HER while feeling natural for HIM. If you find standard size condoms too constricting you may need more room for your manhood. Lifestyles Skyn Large is larger than standard skyn condoms so it will handle all of you comfortably. Whichever one you choose will keep you protected, but if you want to try an assortment then look to Lifestyles Skyn Selection to get a sampling of their popular styles. And there’s even more possibilities for those with a condom allergy.

Polyurethane condoms are another option for non latex condoms. It’s a good idea to try a few different brands as polyurethane isn’t as stretchy as latex, although it’s the same width and thickness. It does transmit body heat better than latex so you’ll experience more feeling during sex. Polyurethane also has a longer shelf life since it’s not as sensitive to temperatures and UV light. Another bonus is that you can use oil based lubricants with it unlike latex and polyisoprene. Wearing Trojan Supra Bareskin lets you experience the utmost in pleasure. It’s their thinnest non-latex condom and the polyurethane material transfers body heat so you’ll get total satisfaction. If you’re in a monogamous relationship and use protection only to prevent pregnancy then Trojan has something special for you. Trojan’s separate line of Naturalamb Condoms are perfect for the couple that wants to experience skin to skin sensations without the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Lambskin condoms are made of sheepskin intestines and are superior to latex in many ways. They are very thin, transmit body heat better, can be used with oil-based lubricants, and provide a natural feel.

Buying online is a guaranteed way to find all the brands and styles for latex allergy condoms. Let be the answer when you need to know where to buy non latex condoms. Even though latex free condoms cost a bit more, we offer competitive prices. Plus you will score discounts when you purchase large quantities in bulk. That’s a small premium to pay for hypoallergenic condoms that have a longer shelf life and promise to make sex feel better. Our commitment to your privacy means we ship items in discreet packaging so nothing on the box or labels will give away your sexy delivery. Now is an exciting time for buying the best non-latex condoms as new technology and innovative materials are currently in development for latex alternatives. You can be sure that when it’s ready Condom Jungle will have it for you.