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Magnum Condoms

Do condoms typically break when you put one on or during sex? Not only can this be embarrassing and interrupt a hot moment but it also reduces how effective your protection is. This problem usually arises if you’re wearing a rubber that is too small. Luckily there is a quick solution that our well-endowed friends need to try and it’s Trojan Magnum Condoms.

Magnum condoms are a product line from Trojan, the #1 condom brand in the USA. Trojan has over 90 years of experience creating and manufacturing condoms, so it’s no wonder they are one of the only condom makers that have dedicated an entire line to large size condoms. They pay attention to their customers who need bigger condoms by offering several types of large condoms like no other brand does.

Trojan Magnum Bareskin is the thinnest magnum condom. It’s tapered at the base to fit securely but is wider along the shaft and tip for comfort. It’s thinner for heightened sensitivity and even wider than standard magnum condoms. Pleasure and comfort go hand in hand with Trojan Magnum Ecstasy. Its comfort shape is specially designed with a flared end to give you more room. This freedom creates a natural experience and the ribbing at the base gives more sensation.

Magnum condoms are ideal when it comes to finding protection that fits but also helps to stimulate your partner. Trojan Magnum Ribbed offers two for one with its strategically placed spiral ribbing, placed at the base for HER and on top for HIM. The dual action lubricant coats both the inside and outside of the condom to provide a warming and tingling sensation for both partners. 

For those who think that there can’t possibly be a condom big enough for you, we are confident that Trojan Magnum condoms will fit. They are made of latex material that is very stretchy, plus the actual magnum condom size is larger than standard condoms. Maybe you’ve already tried Trojan large condoms and still felt them too constricting. If that’s the case then going up a size to extra-large should remedy that. Trojan Magnum XL is the largest condom available. The shape is classic but its size is anything but; this can handle all of you.

Condom Jungle carries all of these Magnum styles and more on our site. Whether you already know which box you want or prefer to sample a variety of single packs, we can accommodate all of your large and extra-large needs. Buying a single use packet is the best way to try without committing. If you’re undecided about a certain type read our condom reviews available on the product’s page. As always, whenever you purchase online from Condom Jungle your sexy well-endowed secret is safe since all of our shipments are delivered with discreet labeling.

We care about your pleasure and a big part of having good sex is taking steps to make it safe sex. If you’re having a hard time putting a condom on, a few drops of compatible lubricant will go a long way to making it easier. Just remember to never use an oil based lubricant with latex condoms. Check out our FAQs for more quick and dirty tips so you can get the most out of larger than life condoms.


How big are magnum condoms?
They are larger than regular sized condoms and the stretchy latex has even more give. As an example the manufacturer lists that the Magnum XL is 30% larger than standard size condoms.

How big should you be to use Magnum condoms?
While there isn’t an exact minimum measurement your member needs to be, our condoms size chart can give you approximations to help you find the right type.

Do magnums fit everyone?
This line is diverse enough to fit a variety of men that need a bigger sized condom. The tapered base provides a secure fit, but it’s more fun to try a few styles to find the shape that fits best

Are there Magnum flavored condoms?
No, there are currently no magnum flavored condoms.