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Condom Sizes

If you think that condoms are a one size fits all affair, we’re going to set the record straight. When it comes to condoms one size does not fit all! Just like fingerprints, no two dongs are quite alike. That’s why there are multiple condom sizes. While rubbers are stretchy enough to accommodate the lengths of most members, it’s actually the circumference of the condom’s ring that can make the difference between a great or poor fit. When you’re trying to get down and dirty a poor fit can create a few deal breakers like the condom breaking, slipping off, or feeling too constrictive. Lucky for you we carry different condom sizes to accommodate your dimensions, and with just a click of the mouse you’ll have a nondescript box waiting outside your door.

If you’re not sure how to figure out your condom sizing, have no fear because we’re here to help. All you need is some privacy, a ruler and our condom size chart, which gives you general approximations so you can figure out which range is right for you.

There are four types of condom sizes: Snugger fit, standard size, large and extra-large. Within each category there is some variation on size depending on the brand and shape of the condom. Once you figure out which condom size you fit, it’s best and more fun to try out a few brands to see which one you’ll like.

Snugger fit condoms are a good option to try if you often face the dilemma of your sheath slipping off during sex. Not only is this disruptive to achieving your pleasure but it decreases the condom’s whole purpose-- helping protect against STIs and preventing unwanted pregnancies. Rubbers in this group have a snug and tight fit so you can be sure to get busy without the worry of interruption. Since these are smaller than standard condoms you should buy a variety pack so you can try a few so can discover which ones you’ll like the best.

Standard size condoms are the most popular and are designed to fit a variety of men. Plus, they are widely available on the market. In fact, there are so many great choices in this category that you can be sure you’ll keep your bedroom busy for a long time trying out all that are offered.

Our well-endowed friends may want to try large condoms as these have a more forgiving fit that will feel comfortable around the base of your fun stick. Some may be slightly bigger than others, but all condoms in this category are larger than your standard size.

If you’ve tried a magnum condom size in the past but they still felt too constricting then extra-large condoms are the ones for you. They are the biggest prophylactics out there. Although there is some size variation, rest assured that XL and XXL rubbers are roomier than other sizes and can handle all of you. Whatever condom sizing needs you have, we have you covered. You’re bound to find something just for you with our large selection and variety. And remember, when you buy condoms online at CondomJungle you get the advantage of our discreet shipping, which means no one else has to know what’s inside your package.

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