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Trojan Extended Pleasure provides much more than help in reducing the risk of pregnancy and STIs. Trojan Extended condom helps in prolonging pleasure by extending man's performance.


How does it work?
Trojan Extended Pleasure is lubricated with a climax control lubricant that contains 4% of Benzocaine, the male genital desensitizer. Benzocaine helps to prevent premature ejaculation and longer staying ability.

  • Base width: 52mm / 2.05"
  • Length: 200mm / 7.87"
  • Premium quality latex
  • Classic shape
  • Climax control lubricant


Trojan Extended Pleasure is FDA approved, and its quality exceeds US & International ISO standards to help reduce the risk of pregnancy & STIs, including HIV/AIDS. Get a sample of Trojan Extended to try it out or buy a whole pack today here at CondomJungle.





Are these available in a large size?
Yes, check out the Durex Prolong condoms.

What are long lasting condoms?
Long lasting condoms feature Benzocaine lubricant, a male genital desensitizer, which delays ejaculation and helps you last longer.

How do you use desensitizing condoms?
There is no difference from using desensitizing condoms from any other except they help you last longer.

Do Trojan Extended long lasting condoms work?
They do work, but the effect is individual and may vary from person to person.

Which condoms are best for lasting longer?
We offer several climax control condoms, so whichever you end up with, we're sure your penis will be in good hands.


Trojan Extended climax control condom does not cure premature ejaculation, which is a condition requiring medical supervision. If, after using this condom as directed, you don't experience relief, discontinue the use and talk to your doctor.



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All good here in the neighborhood. Thanks


Trojan Extended Pleasure is a great condom

Trojan Extended Pleasure is a great condom. Highly recommend it!

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Additional Info

In Stock (Ships Daily)