Best Condoms for Lasting Longer, Hands Down

Benzocaine numbing condoms are somewhat unique. 

Their main feature provides a much-appreciated service for its users. Keep on reading to find out the ins and outs of the best condoms for lasting longer.

Something truly great about these types of condoms is that your partner doesn't have to know that you're even using them.

"Numbing condoms have a lubricant on the inside that contains benzocaine"

That's because they look just like regular condoms except for the benzocaine lubricant on the inside of the condom.

So you can confidently strut your stuff knowing that you're giving your partner long-lasting satisfaction without anyone knowing your performance-enhancing secret. 

How do you like having such an item in your personal intimate arsenal?

Several nicknames

This type of condom has several nicknames. So throughout this article, you'll notice us referring to them as numbing, benzocaine, delayed ejaculation and climax control condoms.

How do climax control condoms work?

Numbing condoms have a lubricant on the inside that contains benzocaine. Benzocaine is a mild desensitizer (topical anesthetic) that, when lightly absorbed, numbs the tip of the penis to decrease its sensitivity. 

When this occurs, a man enjoys prolonged performance for up to 10 minutes. Our test shows that the extended performance times vary from person to person but do prolong the time before ejaculation.

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Do numbing condoms work?

The short answer to this question is yes. Numbing condoms work. How much they will work for you is something you will have to determine after experimenting on your own. 

After all, this is a very personal experience being judged here. Feel free to let us know in an anonymous review below the product to help other buyers.

Best condoms for lasting longer

There are a couple of manufacturers that have these numbing condoms in their product selection. 

If you choose to use condoms with benzocaine, you will find different brands offer varying options and benzocaine strengths. Here are some good choices for you:

Trojan Extended Pleasures

Trojan Extended Pleasure is probably the most recognized numbing condom available today. This penis-numbing product gained an army of ejaculation-delaying fans throughout its existence. Try this benzocaine numbing treatment on your penis and enjoy the effects.

Trojan Extended Pleasure

More details

Durex Performax Intense

Durex Performax Intense, like its Trojan counterpart, helps men last longer. For this reason, men of all shapes and sizes swear by these numbing condoms. No man wants to finish too early and if you tend to lose your ejaculation before it's actually time for your glorious climax, give these a try.

Durex Performax Intense

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Durex Prolong

Durex Prolong is a new product from the labs of, the world’s most known condom brand. Durex Prolong is very similar to the Performax, so don't get too confused that there are two similar products in the Durex selection. We suspect that there is just a wee bit of overlap before Prolong replaces Performax Intense.

Durex Prolong

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Are climax control lubricants safe?

Climax control condoms (Durex Performax Intense, Durex Prolong and Trojan Extended Pleasure) are  FDA approved and safe to use.

How much of this topical anesthetic is in the lubricant?

The Durex Performax Intense condoms box states the condoms contain 5% of benzocaine as an active ingredient. This percentage is very similar to Durex's competitor, Trojan, whose Extended Pleasure condoms include 4% of benzocaine as an active ingredient.

Who should use climax control products?

Anyone who wants to extend sexual pleasure, anyone who has  problems with premature ejaculation, or simply anyone who likes to experiment and try new things should these give penis-numbing prophylactics a whirl.

Our mini survey

Of course,  condom manufacturers focus on providing the highest quality products that deliver the desired satisfaction. Consumers still wonder, “Do products such as climax control condoms work? Can they delay a man's ejaculation?” Based on the popularity of climax control products, the answer is definite yes! 

We wanted to know what our customers think about  climax control condoms so we asked and here are the results.

We wanted to know: 

  • Would you use climax control products again? 
  • Do you think these products help delay ejaculation? 

Twenty men participated in this anonymous mini-survey. Over 80% of our respondents were very happy and overall satisfied with the effect of the tested products. Answers varied from “very satisfied” to “not bad”, “they were worth trying” and a couple of people decided “I'll stick to regular lubricated condoms”

We bet that latter group doesn’t have much of a problem with pre-mature ejaculation.


All of the numbing condoms mentioned above are  made of natural rubber latex, which is the most common condom material today.


Although the  expiration date of the majority of natural latex condoms is anywhere between 3-5 years, these numbing rubbers tend to have an expiration date that is just a bit shorter. Check your pack for your product’s expiration just for the good measure.

Other Options

Using delay sprays for men is another option to try if you don't want to or use a condom. Not  all delay sprays are created equal. When choosing a delay spray, use those designed to have a minimum to none numbing effect on your partner. You want to prolong the time before ejaculating, but at the same time, you don't want your partner to be numb down there as well.


Steady Freddy Delay Spray

Steady Freddy Delay Spray

Delay spray for men — delays men's ejaculation by desensitizing the penile skin to prevent premature ejaculation


Click  here for more climax control condoms, reviews, prices, discounts, samples and product specifications.

To sum it up

As you can see, the best condoms for lasting longer are any that work for you. For that reason, we recommend you take this extracurricular assignment into your own hands and try a few.

From years of customer reviews and feedback, we know that benzocaine condoms bring the advertised result. How much of an effect these numbing condoms have on you is kind of up to you, as this is very individual and involves a number of factors.

Now that you have options to prolong your pleasure, what are you waiting for? Buy some climax control condoms today. 

Condoms with benzocaine offer a cheap, easy way to enjoy sex longer and get your partner to the point of no return. With repetitive use, you can even use these prophylactics to train your member to last longer. 

(Hint: just remember to always use a new condom every time).

Whatever condom you decide to use, always Hump Responsibly!

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