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Trojan Ultra Thin Spermicidal

Trojan Ultra Thin Armor Spermicidal Condoms

$2.69 - $14.99
Trojan Ultra Thin with Spermicide is a condom that is thinner than other latex condoms from Trojan. NOTE: Spermicidal lubricant provides additional protection against pregnancy only NOT extra protection against HIV and other STIs. Some people can...
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Trojan Ultra Ribbed Spermicidal

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Armor Spermicidal Condoms

$2.69 - $14.99
Deeper ribs to stimulate Nonoxynol-9 spermicidal lubricant For extra protection against pregnancy ONLY NOT for extra protection against AIDS and other STIs Long expiration date Size: Standard Material: Latex Brand: Trojan Reservoir End:...
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Trojan Her Pleasure Spermicidal

Trojan Her Pleasure Armor Spermicidal Condoms

$2.69 - $14.99
 Designed from a woman's perspective To help heighten HER sensation and pleasure While providing extra comfort for HIM Unique design - ribbed and contoured for extra enjoyment & stimulation Nonoxynol-9 spermicidal lubricant For...
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Trojan ENZ Spermicidal Condoms - Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Trojan ENZ Armor Spermicidal Condoms

$2.69 - $13.99
"A classic condom with spermicide" Trojan ENZ Armor Spermicidal condoms are an offshoot of Trojan’s longstanding popular prophylactic. A great basic condom with a straight wall shape, Trojan ENZ Armor also features the Armor Nonoxynol-9...
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LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated Spermicidal Condom - Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated Spermicidal Condoms

$2.69 - $12.99
Flared shape enhances sensitivity for a natural feel Specially lubricated with spermicide for maximum pleasure and decreased risk of pregnancy Long expiration date Size: Standard Material: Latex Brand: LifeStyles Reservoir End: Yes Type &...
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A front side image of the retail box of 12 Trojan Magnum Armor Spermicidal Lubricant Condoms.

Trojan Magnum Armor Spermicidal Condoms

Nonoxynol-9 spermicidal lubricant Premium latex Helps prevent pregnancy and STIs Electronic testing ensures reliability & U.S. strength standards Compatible with water or silicone lubricants Larger size -- fits most well-endowed men Long...