Trojan Her Pleasure Armor Spermicidal Condoms

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  •  Designed from a woman's perspective
    • To help heighten HER sensation and pleasure
    • While providing extra comfort for HIM
  • Unique design - ribbed and contoured for extra enjoyment & stimulation
  • Nonoxynol-9 spermicidal lubricant
    • For extra protection against pregnancy ONLY
    • NOT for extra protection against AIDS and other STIs
  • Long expiration date
  • Size: Standard
  • Material: Latex
  • Brand: Trojan
  • Reservoir End: Yes
  • Type & Style: Ribbed, Spermicidal
  • Lubricated: Yes
  • Retail box of 12

The Trojan Her Pleasure condom is uniquely textured right above the condom base for increased female stimulation. Trojan Her Pleasure has a wider, light-bulb condom shape which provides better freedom of movement - Lubricated with Armor Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide to provide an extra protection against pregnancy ONLY, NOT for extra protection against AIDS and other STDs.


This is a condom shape of the Trojan Her Pleasure.


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Reviews (4)

I agree with...

I agree with the last review the spermicidal lubricant on the condom is just fine for one a day use but if you are planning on banging several time in one day use a condom with regular lube (no spermicide).


the spermicidal lube can be a bit

The condom is great but the spermicidal lube can be a bit to intense for the vagina when used a few time in a short time. If you are doing it a couple of time in a row i would recommend not using it because it will irritate your v****a.

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Additional Info

In Stock (Ships Daily)