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Textured (Ribbed, Studded) Condoms

Experiencing total stimulation is a key part of mind blowing sex and ribbed condoms is a sure way to get there. Also known as studded condoms, this type of condom is designed to heighten sensation by way of strategically placed ribs and/or studs. This type of condom really is made for her pleasure. Lose yourself in a state of heightened arousal as the studded texture intensifies sex for your partner. Thanks to Condom Jungle you have many options when it comes to buying condoms for her pleasure.

Dotted condoms have studs placed in different areas for extra enjoyment and stimulation. The Original Studded from Rough Rider Condoms is the ultimate stud. The latex sheath is studded up, down, and all around so every inch of you will be giving intense satisfaction. For a natural feeling with more stimulation put on a Trojan Studded Bareskin. This is the thinnest, textured condom made by Trojan and has studs all around the sheath. Go big or go home when you use One 576 Studded Sensations. The large studs placed all over add intensity for when you want it most.

We have a large selection of ribbed condoms and the Trojan brand is a good place to start. America’s #1 condom brand has multiple options for Trojan ribbed protection. Trojan Ribbed Condoms have deeper ribs around the shaft to increase stimulation. Let the lubricated ribbing glide in and out creating just enough friction for a passionate rendezvous. When Trojan says designed for her pleasure they mean it, especially with the Trojan Her Pleasure condom. Made specifically with a woman’s sensual needs in mind, the unique ribbing and contouring pleases her and the roomier head is comfortable for him.

There are also condoms that have both ribs and studs for double the fun. Durex has two standout selections worth a try. Durex Performax Intense will rev her up and slow him down. The dots and ribbing provide a more intense experience for her. While things are just heating up the climax control lubricant kicks in to help prolong lovemaking. Durex Intense Sensation also provides stimulation with studs along the shaft but has a wider contoured shape for more comfort.

If you’re allergic to latex you may feel left out with mention of all these awesome ribbed condoms. Don’t worry Condom Jungle has your back with an equally great non-latex alternative. LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel is the first premium non-latex studded condom made. The polyisoprene material has a softer, more natural feel that transmits body heat better. The deep studs along the length will take her away to intense realms of ecstasy. Try this when you want something more natural for him and more pleasurable for her.

Textured condoms all vary by the depth of their ribs or height of the elevated studs. Read our descriptions and reviews on the product’s page to get a better sense of the variances. Generally the higher the stud or deeper the rib the more sensation is felt. Because of this variable every individual condom in this category will feel different to the person wearing it. Just like sex, picking the best condom is a personal choice. The best condom is the one you will use consistently that you enjoy the most. We’re confident that you will find your best condom among our selection.

Ribbed condoms are mostly available for standard size men but there’s also something for guys that need a larger size too. Trojan’s separate line of condoms, Magnum, does just that. Magnum has offerings that the well-endowed will not want to miss out on. Magnum Ribbed is special not only for its ability to accommodate large packages but also for its unique spiral ribbing. Enjoy the motion of the spirals at the top of the condom while she enjoys spiraling excitement at the base. Wearing a Magnum Ribbed means you don’t have to miss out on the extra fun just because of your size. 

Whichever size and type of studded condom you choose, all are strong and reliable when used correctly. We recommend a compatible water or silicone lubricant to go along with your protection of choice. Using a good lubricant enhances the feel of all the nubs, studs and ribs. You and your partner can revel in the smooth, sensual feeling as your most sensitive parts are excited by new textures. Don’t forget about our guaranteed discreet shipping. Your privacy is our priority. Our discreet labeling means that whatever you buy is for your eyes only. Once you wrap your package in one of our textured condoms it’s up to you who gets to experience it.

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