Kimono Micro Thin XL Condoms

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This Kimono MicroThin comes in an extra-large size with an ultra-thin feature. Its wider shape provides an XL comfort. Kimono MicroThin XL ranks on top of all America's thinnest XL latex condoms surpassing other extra-large condoms available today, including Magnum. The latex material thinnest is 0.055 mm, which is one third thinner than Magnum XL, but in the length side by side comparison comes a bit shorter.

  • XL base width 56 mm
  • Ultra-smooth lubricant
  • No displeasing smell
  • Wider Shape
  • 5x Tested
  • Stronger & Reliable
  • Vegan friendly


straight condom shape


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Reviews (24)


Will be using these from now

This is a really large condom, not the other I tried before. It's hard to find a condom that is both large and thin. Will be using these from now.


i like these xl condoms.

i like these xl condoms.

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Additional Info

In Stock (Ships Daily)