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Many Types of Condoms for Your Ultimate Fun Time

As humans we love choices. From ice cream flavors to cars and everything in between, we have plenty of choices to make every day. So it should come as no big surprise that men want options when it comes to their penis protection too. Fortunately, prophylactics have come a long way since their primitive origins. Nowadays, there are types of condoms for just about every penis and intimate need.

Many Types of Condoms for Your Ultimate Fun Time

Before we dive into the condom types, let’s briefly mention that the types category is not the only way we sort condoms at our CondomJungle store. When you look at our selection, you’ll see that our condoms also come in a variety of sizes because so do penises.

Condom Quality

All the products we offer come from the major leading brands so you know you always get the best condoms for you.

In fact, the condoms we carry not only have the international quality certification but also meet or exceed high FDA quality standards.

We cover the FDA and its role in condom testing in the U.S. in our condom effectiveness article.

What are the different types of condoms out there?

There are 13 types of condoms we discuss in this article and sell in our store. We look at each type separately. If this is your first time getting yourself familiar with condoms, or have always used the same kind and want to change it up a bit, we encourage you to read this article all the way through. You’ll learn a lot about them and how they differentiate. In the end, you should have an idea of what's out there and what you want to try.

Words of wisdom

It’s also important to say that condoms are only useful when you use them every time. So putting on a condom consistently gives you a responsible safer sex practice.

Types of Condoms

The following list features different types of condoms that are readily available on the market today.

Warning: There is a chance that using some of the condoms below may enhance your sex life.

Climax Control

Let's start things off with the climax control category. As the name indicates, these are condoms that prolong HIS sexual performance. The climax control lubricant inside the condom contains male genital desensitizer benzocaine. This active ingredient increases male stamina without premature ejaculation. This is helpful to both men with or without any premature ejaculation problems.

You can see why the climax control condoms are significant and what they do for their users. Anything that extends pleasurable encounters is something that we can all applaud and appreciate.   Not every brand has this specially lubricated condom in their line up. Popular brands like Trojan or Durex do.

Note: If you have a favorite condom but it doesn’t have any climax control lubricant on the inside, you can add desensitizing lube.


Trojan Extended Pleasure

Climax control lubricant — Male genital desensitizer — Helps prolong pleasure and performance - Prevents premature ejaculation


Durex Prolong

More control for HIM — More time for HER — Ribbed and dotted — Delay lubricant — Male genital desensitizer for lasting longer


The next category is quite popular on the types of condoms chart.

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Ultra Thin

The Ultra Thin category is probably the most popular for a rather obvious reason. When we put aside the #1 purpose for using a condom, which is protection, we are left with pleasure.

To feel as close as possible to your partner you want to use the thinnest condoms out there. That is what you'll find in the ultra-thin selection.

Ultra-thin condoms provide the desired thinness in combination with durability and strength.

Every brand has thin condoms because they are in demand and a must have. For example Trojan has their dedicated line of this type of product called Trojan ultra thin condoms.


Trojan BareSkin

40% thinner than other Trojan's standard condoms — Silky smooth lubricant — Designed to help you feel and get closer — Reservoir tip


LifeStyles ZERO

52% thinner than other LifeStyles' Extra Strength condom — Reservoir end — Thin so you can get closer — Natural rubber latex


Durex iNViSiBLE

Ultra thin and ultra sensitive — Natural rubber latex — Straight wall shape - Reservoir end


Non Latex

The third entry on our types of condoms list is the non latex category, which comprises several condom-making materials. Natural rubber latex is still the go-to material used in the vast majority of today’s prophylactics. Non latex condoms, however, give a suitable alternative for those with known or suspected natural latex sensitivity and allergies.   There are three non latex materials available today.


The first is the oldest of all. Way back in condom history animal intestines or other natural animal parts were the most available materials for condoms.

The production quality has significantly improved compared to the old days, and the natural skin remains an option for natural condom lovers. It’s not the cheapest option, but some users love these above all other condoms.

We encourage you to visit the product page to read about this exclusive prophylactic.

Don’t forget that this is the only condom type that doesn’t protect you against sexual diseases. So monogamy is the name of the game if using Lambskin condoms.



Ideal for the monogamous couple — Contains no latex — Water-based lubricant for comfort — For pregnancy protection ONLY — Does not protect against STIs



Polyisoprene is a synthetic material. When used for a condom it looks like a thin clear plastic that lacks a bit in elasticity compared to latex. There is a significant advantage over latex though. It transforms body heat well, which may result in a better experience for both partners.


Trojan Supra

Non-latex medical — grade polyurethane — Transparent and odor free — For contraception and STI protection — Ultra thin



It’s easy to confuse polyisoprene condoms for their regular natural rubber latex counterparts. For the naked eye, they look and even feel just like latex. Some users say that polyisoprene prophylactics like SKYN Condoms are even better due to their softness. Only a couple of manufacturers produce these due to patent restrictions.


SKYN Elite

Ultra-thin and ultra soft — 20% thinner compared to SKYN Original — Non-latex material (Synthetic polyisoprene)


Durex Avanti

Non-latex (polyisoprene) — Non-latex material — Lubricated — Natural skin on skin feeling



Next up on our types of condoms list is the textured category, which is fairly self-explanatory. Manufacturers strategically place elevated texture in a variety of patterns on the condom body.

Types of texture:

  • Studded
  • Ribbed
  • Combination of both

The added feature makes textured condoms appealing to those who desire extra stimulation.


Trojan Double Ecstasy

Intensified lube outside (warms and excite) — Deep ribbing for maximum stimulation — Premium lubricant inside for natural feel


Kimono Textured

Row after row of raised dots and ribs for maximum stimulation — Lubricated — Made of natural rubber latex — Reservoir end



The primary purpose of condoms is to prevent unintended pregnancy. Condoms in the Spermicidal category provide an extra layer of pregnancy prevention. The lubricant used on the spermicidal condoms contains spermicide nonoxynol-9.

When using spermicidal condoms, you get the same level of protection against STDs that you get from other standard condoms.


LifeStyles Ultra Lubed Spermicidal

Made of natural rubber latex — Lubricated with spermicide — Helps as an extra protection layer against unwanted pregnancy — Reservoir tip



Condoms typically come in a natural or transparent color. This category features something beyond the ordinary. Colored condoms add an extra dimension to otherwise plain prophylactics. The only differentiator from all those other condoms we offer is the color.


Crown Assorted Colors

Mix of red, blue, green and yellow colored condoms — Made of natural rubber latex — Lubricated — Reservoir tip



In parallel with the previous category come flavored condoms. Some colored condoms are also flavored. They don't only have a taste but also a scent. Imagine wearing a banana-tasting rubber on your penis. That alone is reason for giving flavored prophylactics a try.


LifeStyles Assorted Flavors

Assortment of three flavors (Sensuous Vanilla, Wild Strawberry, Tropical Banana) — Lubricated — Made of natural rubber latex — Reservoir tip



The condoms in this rare group are slightly thicker than standard and definitely more so than ultra thin condoms. You might ask yourself why we need, and who would want, thick condoms when everybody seems to want the opposite. That is a great question.

Manufacturers cater to customers from opposite ends of the spectrum. Thick condoms find their use primarily during anal sex adventures or to give you the added security for their extra thickness.


LifeStyles Extra Strength

Extra thickness for added extra durability and protection — Lubricated — Reservoir tip — Made of natural rubber latex



Let’s move on to another unique kind. Glow-in-the-dark condoms literally glow in the dark after you expose them to light for 30 seconds.

Made of natural rubber latex, the glow-in-the-dark type gives you as much protection as other standard latex condoms but with way more laughs.



Expose to light for 30 seconds and the condom will glow — Lubricated — Reservoir tip — Made of natural rubber latex



Another stop on our tour through the different types of condoms are dry condoms. Non lubricated condoms are in the minority because they don't attract as many users as rubbers with lubrication do.

Why use non-lubricated condoms?

Condom lubrication on name brand condoms is body safe and tested. Some users can be still allergic to particular ingredients contained in the lubricant. In such occasions using non-lubricated prophylactics typically bypasses the issue and lets users choose a lubricant that’s more appropriate for them.


LifeStyles Non-Lubricated

Non-lubricated — Reservoir tip — Made of natural rubber latex


Extra Lubricated

The extra lubricated category is opposite from what we just discussed in the previous paragraph. Extra lubricated condoms have a higher amount of lube.


SKYN Extra Lubricated

Pre-lubricated with extra more for better glide — Reservoir tip — Non-latex material


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Warming condoms provide light warming sensations. The warming category is tiny and is not something that condom users demand often. The Trojan Fire & Ice product actually provides both warming and cooling sensations.



Condoms with added warming or cooling lube.


Variety packs

Variety packs is a category that gives you a taste of different products in select assortments. We have our custom mixed variety packs that we put together in our warehouse. This is how we can give you condoms across several brands, types, and sizes you would otherwise not be able to get together.


Variety packs

Find a variety of condoms in one of our variety packs.


Some brands have their own variety packs where they put together three or four of the most popular condoms from their selection.

What is the best type of condom?

We get this question all the time. It's tricky to answer because of the product’s highly personal nature. What’s perfect for you may not be the best condom type for the next guy.

What we will say to you is that some are more popular than others. For instance, climax control condoms are one of the most sought after because, as we discussed, they help delay a man's ejaculation.


let us know if you have any condom questions. We are here to help. Thank you for taking a trip with us through the types of condoms. Everything we talked about you can get today at so make sure to take a look. We hope you find a bunch that you like and enjoy because you need to be safe.