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Condom Size Chart: Find Your Best Fit

If you’ve seen more than one, ahem… you know there has to be a little bit of variety when it comes to dressing up men's private parts. That’s why we’ve put together a simple condom size chart that consists of an array of rubbers. Think of our condom size chart as your handy helper for picking the right condom. Let's [...]

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Using a Condom is Genius

It’s seems like a no-brainer. Doing something so simple and so inexpensive that can protect something so important to you. But you’d be surprised at how many just don’t do it. Can you believe that for some dudes, using a condom to keep their penises healthy isn’t anything [...]

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Best Trojan Condoms You Need to Know About

It's always nice to have a friend you can turn to for advice in a specific area of knowledge and expertise. Right? And as your friend we want to help you pick a condom that helps you not only in protection but in pleasure as well. So, we put together our list of the best [...]

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The Worst Things You Can Do to Your Condoms

Condoms are a gift to your genitals. They protect you from unwanted pregnancies and all kinds of horrible and disgusting STDs, but if you want them to take care of you, you have to take care of them. If you don’t, it shows how much you care about yourself. Here are some of the WORST [...]

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What Should I Do When a Condom Gets Dry During Sex?

You’re in the throes of doing the nasty and then it happens… the hotness of passion turns into the dryness of the outback downunder, making you wonder: "What should I do when a condom gets dry during sex?" Dealing with dryness is a common concern, especially for new and less experienced condom users. Even though you [...]

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​The 5 Worst Spring Break Souvenirs

Drinking, frolicking, fornicating… awwww… that’s Spring Break. You can’t wait to be so merry. And no matter where you decide to go, and how much fun you have there, it’s always nice to have a souvenir to remind you of your trip but not all souvenirs are created equal. Most of the best spring break destinations [...]

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Check Your Banana to Avoid Four Hour Erection or Death

It’s no secret that black widow spiders often kill their mates after sex. But did you know that there is a Brazilian spider that can give a man a 4-hour erection? What happens after that? The dude is dead. So imagine a British mom’s surprise when she opened a bag of bananas and found an [...]

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Condom Sizes: How to Choose the Right One

Men’s private parts vary in shape and size, so we have a few condom sizes to help us dress up those secret bits. The good news is there are lots of condoms out there to choose from. The even better news for you is you don't have to wade through gobs of sizes. Finding a well-fitting raincoat, rubber, jimmy hat, prophylactic [...]

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Can I Use Petroleum Jelly as a Lubricant with Latex Condoms?

I've been using condoms for awhile now and I have found that even lubricated condoms get dry too fast. I was wondering can I use petroleum jelly as a lubricant or my girlfriend's moisturizing body lotion? Latex condoms are not compatible with oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, vegetable/mineral oil or regular body lotions and moisturizers. [...]

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Buy Condoms in Los Angeles

If the United States is the land of plenty then California is its hub. Not only can you buy anything in Los Angeles but everything is available many times over. Buying condoms in Los Angeles is no different. You can find prophylactics in drug stores, convenience stores, grocery stores and maybe even in the bathroom of [...]

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