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Condom Expiration Date: Nothing Last Forever, Even Condoms

Do condoms expire? Those and similar to those questions are running through our heads when we first time come in contact with condoms. We all know what condoms are for and how to use them. They have many advantages and minimal if any, disadvantages. For some, the condom expiration date is among the supposed "disadvantages." Let's [...]

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Pull Out Method: How It Compares to Condoms

You may have heard the term coitus interruptus before. However, for those who never took Latin, this term commonly refers to the pull out method or also known as the withdrawal method. In this article, we cover aspects of this old fashion birth control and how the technique works. We will tell you in advance that [...]

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Common STDs: Condoms Keep Your Private Parts Pristine

Passion is an interesting phenomenon. It takes over, dominating your senses, your loins and your mind, making it hard to think about anything other than the intense sexual moment that’s about the happen. The experience is so titillating, none of us really want to think about the most common STDs before, during or after. Not [...]

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Condom Wrapper: Safeguarding Your Protection

The Condom wrapper is an inseparable part of every condom. Without it, condoms couldn’t exist because they couldn’t survive in functional condition for too long. In most cases, we don't even take a second look at the wrapper since it's the last thing we worry about in those intense and passion filled moments. We rip the [...]

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How to Put on a Condom: Techniques for Doing it Right

How to put on a condom is not exactly a puzzling process, mostly because rubbers are rather simple when it comes to inventions. In case you are wondering if there is a wrong way of putting on a condom, the answer is yes. Remember that what you do when suiting up makes a difference in terms [...]

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Can I Reuse a Condom if I Wash it?

Can I reuse a condom if I wash it? That is the type of question that you are embarrassed to ask and wonder if you are weird for even thinking it. Don't feel bad. You are not the only person who’s thought about the possibility. We can kind of understand how some would wonder about this, [...]

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Condom Anatomy From Top to Bottom and Everything In Between

Condoms aren’t exactly the most sophisticated of inventions. Basically, they’re a form-fitting material designed to capture a substance during the most primal of all activities. Simple enough, right? In this article we dig down to the actual condom anatomy, taking it from the bottom to the top. Plenty has changed throughout their long history. When you think [...]

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Polyurethane Condoms Transform Your Body Heat

Polyurethane condoms are no longer the newest type of prophylactics available, but this material might be new to you. If it’s your first time hearing this term, or you just want more info on all things rubber related, we want you to familiarize yourself with this alternative condom material. Who knows, you might have already [...]

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Trojan Ecstasy: Condoms with More Room

When Trojan Ecstasy first came out, their unique style made some take a second look and wonder. How is this baggy condom going to feel? It is clear by now that the appearance is not the only differentiator. Condom brands are on a quest — to continually develop products that fulfill more than the principal function, [...]

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What’s the Best Condom for the First Time?

Knowing what’s the best condom for the first time might be a bit confusing. It’s cool that you know you should use protection, but does the selection seem too overwhelming? Or, do you even know you have a choice? If this is how you are feeling right now, this article should make the selection process [...]

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