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How Effective are Condoms at Protecting Your Private Parts

We know that we should practice safer sex but just how effective are condoms in reality? Prophylactics have a clearly defined sense of purpose — to deliver on a promise. That promise focuses primarily on one thing — protecting your private parts — and condoms do that one thing extremely well. How effective are condoms? There wasn't [...]

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Spermicide Condoms Add Another Layer of Protection

When you absolutely, positively don’t want to get knocked up… that’s when you use spermicide condoms. What makes these rubbers even more dependable protection against unintended pregnancies is something that arouses a variety of questions for people who think all condoms are created equal. Keep on reading to learn more about why you may want to [...]

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FDA Condom Quality Control for Class II Devices

We use condoms to help protect ourselves from STDs and unintended pregnancies. So it’s a given that the condoms we trust should meet the highest quality standards. Whether you use products from the leading condom brands that have a long history or from smaller and lesser-known labels, you want your protection to be as dependable as [...]

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Condom Material: What Penis Sheaths Are Made of Today

You’ve probably heard the nickname rubbers used interchangeably with condoms whether you are new to safer sex or an experienced pro. It’s a fitting name when you consider the type, elasticity and stretchiness of the standard condom material. They look like a better, more sophisticated version of party balloons, and they are indeed a part [...]

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A Handful of Trojan Condom Types For Everybody's Preference

If you are a man living in the U.S. with at least an average interest in sex, chances are you already came across Trojan condoms. This market-leading American brand has lots to offer its army of devoted penis-owning users. The plethora of Trojan condom types features just about everything across the whole spectrum of prophylactics. In [...]

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KY Jelly Is the Lube for You Intimate Encounters

The notoriety of KY Jelly reaches across generations. Over the time of its long and slippery existence, this personal lubricant became a household name for that added something that makes sexual encounters all the more enjoyable. So whatever you fancy when it comes to satisfying your libido, KY Jelly helps to get you there. Being a [...]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Personal Lubricants

Personal lubricants go hand-in-hand with condoms, and really, with sexual intercourse of all kinds. If you've ever explored this favorite adult bedroom activity, you know that moist is better than dry when it comes to aroused private parts. Wanting a nice glide applies to both genders equally.  In this article, we restrain from complicated, hard to [...]

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Condoms at a Glance: Exploring the Hero of Intimate Protection

Condoms play a prominent role in our sexual health so exploring all facets of them — anatomy, purpose, and effectiveness — helps us to maximize their full potential. If you acquire information about how to use a condom properly, your sexual romps will be as safe as possible. You don’t want to learn this stuff from [...]

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Many Types of Condoms for Your Ultimate Fun Time

As humans we love choices. From ice cream flavors to cars and everything in between, we have plenty of choices to make every day. So it should come as no big surprise that men want options when it comes to their penis protection too. Fortunately, prophylactics have come a long way since their primitive origins. [...]

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How to Put on a Condom: Techniques for Doing it Right

How to put on a condom is not exactly a puzzling process, mostly because rubbers are rather simple when it comes to inventions. In case you are wondering if there is a wrong way of putting on a condom, the answer is yes. Remember that what you do when suiting up makes a difference in terms [...]

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