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Trojan Bare Skin: Standard Condoms Don’t Feel like This

Are you familiar with Trojan Bare Skin condoms? We know that not everyone is on a first name basis with his condoms, so let us back up a bit. When it comes to naming a condom, brands get creative. For a product as personal as condoms are, the product name should evoke a feeling. Aside from [...]

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Trojan ENZ Is a Time-Honored Classic Condom

If you have a sense for classics of any kind we have a treat for you. Trojan ENZ, which we talk about today, is a classic among condoms. This protective sheath has been covering men's penises coast to coast and beyond for several generations now. In this article, we look at Trojan ENZ – the signature [...]

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KY Jelly Is the Lube for Your Intimate Encounters

The notoriety of KY Jelly reaches across generations. Over the time of its long and slippery existence, this personal lubricant became a household name for that added something that makes sexual encounters all the more enjoyable. So whatever you fancy when it comes to satisfying your libido, KY Jelly helps to get you there. Being a [...]

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Most Popular Condom Brands Users Trust

People are intimately active everywhere so it makes sense that there are condom brands all over the world. Like in every industry, some are more successful than others, and brands come and go. Small vs. Large The majority of the world’s condom brands are small, and their reach doesn't cross the borders of the country in which [...]

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Can I Reuse a Condom if I Wash it?

Can I reuse a condom if I wash it? That is the type of question that you are embarrassed to ask and wonder if you are weird for even thinking it. Don't feel bad. You are not the only person who’s thought about the possibility. We can kind of understand how some would wonder about this, [...]

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Condom Expiration Date: Nothing Lasts Forever, Even Condoms

Do condoms expire? Those and similar to those questions are running through our heads when we first time come in contact with condoms. We all know what condoms are for and how to use them. They have many advantages and minimal if any, disadvantages. For some, the condom expiration date is among the supposed "disadvantages." Let's [...]

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FDA Condom Quality Control for Class II Devices

We use condoms to help protect ourselves from STDs and unintended pregnancies. So it’s a given that the condoms we trust should meet the highest quality standards. Whether you use products from the leading condom brands that have a long history or from smaller and lesser-known labels, you want your protection to be as dependable as [...]

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Why Do Condoms Break: 11 Common and Surprising Reasons

So, why do condoms break? You never want it to happen, but it’s good to be aware of the reasons so you can hopefully avoid any unexpected mishaps. Before we go any further, we want to state that condoms are a very reliable form of protection and possible breakage has hardly any correlation with the product [...]

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What’s the Best Condom for the First Time?

Knowing what’s the best condom for the first time might be a bit confusing. It’s cool that you know you should use protection, but does the selection seem too overwhelming? Or, do you even know you have a choice? If this is how you are feeling right now, this article should make the selection process [...]

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Lambskin Condoms: STDs Have No Fear but Sperm Do

Unless you are a condom aficionado and know your way around rubbers, you might be puzzled a bit about Lambskin condoms. We don't blame you; this unusual word pairing has the power to stop the music. This article demystifies these exclusive non-latex condoms, and we explain what we mean by that caught-your-attention headline. Did you know? Did you [...]

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