7 Top Rated Ultra-Thin Condoms Reviewed

Ultra Thin condoms could undoubtedly be given the title of the most popular prophylactics out there. 

Men love using them, and women certainly don’t mind their men using them. So it seems like a win-win for both participating in their most human intimate activities.

In this article, we shine some light on the always-cherished ultra thin condoms. Join us as we explore this ultra-thin layer otherwise known as a man's protection sheath.

Regardless of your favorite condom, the bottom line is that you want an intense and safer experience at the same time. Ultra-thin condoms are here to help with both.

There's only a single demand any prophylactics ask of you, and that is to put a condom on every time. That's when the effectiveness (you guessed it), is at it's highest level.

What are ultra-thin condoms?

If you are generally averse to using rubbers, ultra thin condoms could spark your interest. 

Ultra-thin condoms are the types of condoms that are thinner than the rest, and regular versions aren’t exactly “thick”. 

That is the most general and straightforward answer we can give you. 

They may vary slightly in thickness brand by brand, but overall, being thinner and therefore more sensitive is their unique characteristic.

What's the standard ultra-thin condom thickness?

Condom manufacturers use the metric system in their production process, so we use it as well. The thickness, or better yet thinness, of the ultra-thin condoms is something that varies across the brands. On average it's around 0.05 millimeters.

Let us make the following statement right off the bat. We are not going to go into the technicalities of exact measurement down to the tenths of millimeters in this article for two reasons.

The first reason

First, we believe that as a user, you don't even recognize the condom thickness just by wearing it (for condoms in this specific group). That's why the thinness at some point is irrelevant if it's not paired with an excellent feeling material.

We want to give every brand a chance to impress you by the overall quality of their product rather than just a number. Hope it makes a bit of sense to you.

We believe that making ultra-thin condoms is not a competition among brands about who can make the thinnest sheath. It's instead a quest for the best feeling condom.

Imagine we gave you unmarked condoms and told you to try them all. A week later we would meet, and we’d ask you to rank them by how you think they are. We bet that you would not be able to do the correct ranking.

As we mentioned, thickness as well as how the material feels on your member defines how good an ultra-thin condom really is. Be your own judge since you and only you can tell what feels right for you.

The second reason

The second reason is that in the majority of cases, brands do not disclose the material thickness of their condoms. At least, this stat is not on the retail boxes where you, the customer, see it.

For some manufacturers, the technicalities of the material thickness are not crucial regarding product description. Brands instead focus on marketing terminologies to reflect the condom thinness.

Before you go thinking that brands hide a critical stat from you, let’s look at this a bit more closely. Brands realize that a customer wouldn’t know what the heck 0.05 millimeters actually means. The U.S. doesn’t even use the metric system as its standard.

Instead, brands use messages like 40% thinner than..., and terms like iNViSiBLE, Reel Feel; Bareback; BareSkin; and Skin-to-Skin among others to generate a feeling in users. They are terms that guys can certainly wrap their heads around.

Ultra-thin Condoms

Nowadays every brand has an ultra-thin product in their line-up for your ultimate sexy appreciation. We carry an array of ultra-thin condoms at our CondomJungle store so you can choose your favorite regardless of your preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at what the individual brands provide in this ultra-thin category.

Magnum BareSkin

More details

Durex Avanti

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LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive

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SKYN Elite

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ONE Vanish

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Kimono MicroThin XL

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Okamoto Zero Zero Four 004 w/ Aloe

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What are best ultra thin condoms?

Any of the products mentioned above are popular, and possible flagship products of their respected brands. 

Therefore, expounding on the best categorization is not imperative as personal preference comes into play. 

Take them for a test drive and let us know either via the condom reviews or comments below.

Our ultra thin condoms review

The fact is, condom users love ultra-thin prophylactics. There is a sort of psychological urge to use a condom that is as thin as possible since any added layer could psychologically get in the way of desired pleasure. 

No matter how thin, or ultra-thin, some people still think this way. We know that there is a bit more into creating the best feeling condom and we already touched on that earlier.

On the other hand, any polls we’ve done over the years among our customers showed that though the condom thickness is important, it's hardly the biggest issue for many. 

Remember that even standard condoms are manufactured quite thin.

Do ultra thin condoms have spermicide?

The selection of already pre-lubricated condoms with spermicide is in no way extensive, but yes, there are ultra-thin condoms with spermicide. Trojan Spermicidal Condoms is a product line that’s lubed up with N-9, and includes a super thin version. 

We carry these, so check out our Spermicidal condom category for more.

If this kind of condom is new for you, we encourage you to get yourself familiar with this type of prophylactic. Though they might not be the first choice for everybody, it's good to know about this option of barrier birth control.

Do ultra thin condoms break easier?

It seems like this question very often, and we totally understand. It’s a legitimate concern, as one might equate something that is thinner as being more “fragile”. 

The health reasons why we use condoms in the first place are just too important not to wonder. As a result, the breakage rate for ultra-thin condoms has been a myth since their inception.

Condoms of today are made of durable and the quality of the material goes through a battery of rigorous tests as part of the manufacturing process.

So our answer to this question is No, they don't break easier! In the unlikely case that a condom breaks, it would most likely be due to not enough lubrication and other user-related reasons.


As you can see you have plenty of options for Ultra-thin condoms. They are the must-have for every brand and must-try for every condom user. 

They give you the feeling of being closer and allow you to enjoy the almost nothing-is-there experience.

You may have already tried some of these but if not, get to it!

That's it from us to you about ultra thin condoms. 

Be safe and Hump Responsibly.