The Complete Guide on How to Buy Condoms

If you think safer sex, condoms come to mind first. 

They’ve been around a long time and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription. 


However, over the years, one of the conundrums for guys was where and how to buy condoms. For some, there is a layer of purchasing embarrassment given the personal nature of the product. Luckily, we have the Internet and so our method for buying condoms has never been more comfortable. 

For everyone who wants to have safer sex, go ahead, conveniently shop from the privacy of your smartphone or computer.

With so many condoms out there – including different types as well as different brands – we’ll admit that it can be a little overwhelming sometimes, especially at first. That’s why we put together the following buyer's guide to make how to buy condoms online as easy as possible for you.

Why do we bother with using condoms in the first place?

Before jumping into our guide on how to buy condoms let's reiterate the ever-important reason for putting on a condom.

The prophylactic is the only device that can, if used correctly every time, help reduce STDs and also prevent unintended pregnancies. For these two simple yet very important reasons, condoms are priceless devices for every man.

What you should know

Before you go on your condom shopping spree, let us give you a bit more insight. As we just alluded, all condoms are for pregnancy protection. However, how you actually use them determines their effectiveness. Their effectiveness ranges based on a type of use, which varies from perfect (98%!) to typical and inconsistent scenarios. Since this article guides you on how to buy condoms, for more in-depth questions regarding condom effectiveness, refer to our article where we describe this topic.

Natural latex, polyisoprene and more

The time when you had to depend on a single material (latex) is thankfully long gone. Nowadays, manufacturers use several materials when making their condoms. Whether you use the widely accepted natural latex or any other alternative, it's good to know condom lubricant compatibilities and effectiveness capabilities.

We recommend reading the product descriptions either on the product page or packaging itself for those details. Manufacturers always have the last say, so listen to what they recommend. You can also shoot us an email if you have some condom-related questions. We always do our best to help.

How to buy condoms?

Alright, you need condoms. You've come to the right place. CondomJungle is your online source for condoms. We've been serving people just like you for over a decade here in the U.S. and around the world. We are confident that if you choose us to be your source for condoms, you won't be disappointed. We’ve got you covered.

Let's buy some condoms!

After you land in our online store, what do you do? Where do you start? If you are one of our loyal customers (thank you), you know your way around our store.

If it's your first time stopping by and you already have some experience with condoms you can shop by:

First-time condom buyer?

If you are new to buying condoms, you might want to check out our First-Time Buyer Condom Variety Pack. This is where you find a mix of all kinds of condoms across the whole spectrum of types, brands and sizes. This is a perfect starting point for anyone who is just getting started or doesn’t know the nuances of how to buy condoms.

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Condom Sizes

The Complete Guide on How to Buy Condoms - Condom Size

Condoms are not all the same because men are not the same. These products come in a few sizes just like t-shirts do. We sorted our rubbers for you by size.

  • Smaller (S)
  • Regular or Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra large (XL)

More details

How to know what size condom to buy?

Condom size can be a bit of a guessing game, especially if you are new to using condoms. As there are primarily only four size groups, you can try a few condom samples to discover what's the right fit for you. Once you settle your size category, go explore.

Condom Brands

The Complete Guide on How to Buy Condoms - Condom Brands

  We’re actually rather picky about who we accept into our selection. We believe offering an immense array of condoms might be more confusing than beneficial to you as a shopper. Plus, we like to offer you the best quality so you never have to guess if what you order is great. That’s why we only carry condoms from the leading brands.

More details


You get plenty of condom types to choose from with this company. Trojan is the #1 brand Americans trust. Every day in the USA, the vast majority of johnsons, willies, sausages and penises dress themselves up in Trojan Condoms.

More details


Are you large or even extra large? Magnum is an exclusive line of condoms for well-hung men. If it's too big for the regular size, Magnum saves the day. For the record, Trojan creates these super-size prophylactics too so you know they are trustworthy.

More details


Naturalamb is a unique condom. Click the orange button to find out what's up with this protection before using. These lambskin condoms have been around for a long time and some consider them the oldest condom material ever used for protective sheaths. By the way, these are also brought to you by Trojan.

More details


LifeStyles has condoms for every occasion. They make a wide range of prophylactics, designed for a diverse demographic of users.

More details


You won't believe it's not latex. The polyisoprene material used to make this condom mimics traditional natural rubber latex but doesn’t have any latex allergens. What’s even better is that it absolutely has very similar, if not better, elastic characteristics. SKYN Condoms are a great option for anyone, not just for allergy sufferers. Everyone who wants to use protection should give these a try at some point. In case you didn’t know, LifeStyles brings you the SKYN line so you know they are top notch.

More details


Durex, as a brand, does not need any introduction. Worldwide notoriety gives this manufacturer a guarantee of trust among its users. The selection of Durex condoms is not the most extensive these days, yet you still have enough to choose from for your bedroom escapades.

More details


Ultra-thin condoms coming atcha. If you are a fan of thin, Kimono has a cover for you. In fact, this brand built its reputation on being thin so you know their prophylactics must feel really great.

More details


Japanese technology on your penis? That’s right. Okamoto prides itself on manufacturing condoms using technology from the Land of the Rising Sun. You bet these are good.

More details


Put your "crown" on and be the king. Favored by many, Crown has a loyal niche of rubber-wearing users. In case you are wondering, Crown condoms are also thinner than the average.

More details

Beyond Seven

For Beyond Seven it's all about thin and ultra thin options. Beyond Seven is a sister company of the Okamoto brand so you get another dose of precision Asian technology on your member.

More details


Entertain yourself a bit before you do IT by reviewing this brand’s wrapper art. Always fun and interesting, this brand comes up with new graphics all the time.

More details

Rough Rider

Rough Rider is a small label coming at you from Ansel, the makers of LifeStyles condoms. We carry their studded condoms. Isn’t Rough Rider an awesome name for condoms covered with studs?

More details

Since every brand is slightly different than another, it’s worth exploring all of them.

If you are looking for another way for how to buy condoms, you can always browse through condom category types.

Types of condoms

The Complete Guide on How to Buy Condoms - Types of Condoms

There are many types of condoms for you to choose from today, including a bunch of shapes and styles. Go down the list to see what we have for you.

More details


Non-latex condoms are not just for allergy sufferers. Anyone can enjoy sex with condoms that don’t contain any latex allergen ingredients that might irritate, especially if you are sensitive.

More details

Ultra Thin

It's all about getting closer and the ultra-thin category has plenty to offer. With condoms that are even thinner than the rest, you get to enjoy better sensitivity and that certainly helps you feel the intimacy more.

More details

Climax Control

When you want to have your climax under control, turn to condoms with a penis desensitizing lubricant. These help you prolong your humping rendezvous.

More details


Ribbed condoms give you some extra help in stimulating your partner. As you move up and down or in and out, the ribs or studs work their magic.

More details


One of the purposes of condoms is pregnancy prevention. Spermicide condoms have lube with N-9 that kills sperm on the spot.

More details


These are not only flavored but also scented too. Imagine smelling fresh oranges or strawberries while going at it. You have a choice here as well so go do some shopping to find your fave.

More details


Condoms are no longer just available in a single and bland, neutral color. Some are yellow, red, pink, blue, orange... If you want to stimulate your visual senses, shop in this category.

More details


Thick condoms are here for you if you want that extra layer for whatever reason. These condoms are ready for any mission you might want to explore, especially those at the backdoor.

More details


Light your way! With glowing condoms, light it up in the dark so you never again get lost trying to get it in. These fun condoms are fully functional and FDA-approved.

More details


You better lube it up at some point because sex with a condom lacking lubrication isn’t always super pleasant. The non-lubricated category is small, but some users prefer dry condoms with their own, or added lube.

More details


Being a vegan is not a fad. If you want to take your veganism 100% seriously just put on a condom that contains no animal ingredients.

More details

Extra Lubricated

Condom lubrication is a must, and that's why the extra lubricated category offers more lube, increasing the glide for better action.

More details


Don't settle, and instead, open your mind to diversity. This category features a few assortments, allowing you to find some new favorites.

More details

Time to Finish

Now that you selected your favorite condoms, place them in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. That’s it. Super duper easy.

Take away

Before we wrap things up let's reiterate... Condoms are available in several sizes -- Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. There are also lots of types to choose from like climax control, ultra-thin and ribbed just to name a few. And lastly, as you saw, there is a handful of brands we carry so if you don't have a favorite yet, have some fun and try them all.

That's it for our how to buy condoms guide. We hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and, as always, Hump Responsibly!

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