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Colored & Flavored Condoms

Flavored condoms aren’t just a novelty. They can add some real excitement in the bedroom letting you get closer to your partner. Before we get to the good stuff on how they can make sex even better, let’s go over what they are. Flavored condoms are a type of condom with lubricants that are flavored and scented. They’re great to use during oral sex, especially if you or your partner dislike the taste and smell of latex, as they mask any unpleasant scent. Indulging all of your senses is a sure way to create an extra dimension to lovemaking, not to mention it’s an easy way to have some variety.

Most condoms in this category have a natural color but some come in colors that match its flavor for a double whammy of both taste and visual stimulation. One Flavor Waves colored condoms have all sorts of fun colors to match the flavor. They are made with a more advanced, pure form of latex called Sensatex and come individually wrapped in sleek circular packaging with bold graphics. You’ll have a choice of 6 flavors and colors from banana split, mint chocolate, island punch, chocolate strawberry, bubblegum, and fresh mint. Crown Skinless Skin Condoms are not flavored but do come in a light pink color. In addition to a soft wash of color, this snugger fit condom is thinner so you can not only look good but feel more.

Many of the top selling brands we carry make flavored condoms that you’ll want to try. Surprise your lover with an island sexcapade as you have a choice between orange, strawberry, and banana.

Taste your way to the best flavored condoms through a sexy process of elimination. We recommend you get busy and try a few different brands of flavored condoms to discover your favorite. It’s hard to say that one brand is the best since everyone’s tastes differ. Just like a palate preference, condom selection is such a personal choice, so what’s best for one may not be right for another. That’s why we offer try me sizes in most of the brands we sell allowing you to purchase a small quantity before committing.

You know that anytime you buy from Condom Jungle, you are always getting quality protection and our flavored condoms are no different. They offer the same protection as any other latex or non-latex condom except with the added bonus of flavor, scent, and a pop of color. Whichever flavor you go with, it will get sent out with our discreet shipping. The box is labeled in a way so no one else but you knows. What’s better than a secret that’s sexy, tastes good, and arrives at your doorstep?

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