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Condom Types & Styles

Did you know there are more condom types & styles than days in the week? With each day you could try a new kind of condom every time you have sex. Say goodbye to those Monday blues. When you have variety like that there's good reason to ditch the clothes and head straight to the sheets. And since Condom Jungle always uses discreet packaging to ship your goodies, you can arrive home in anticipation of what different types of condoms are in store for you. If you're scratching your head wondering what else is out there besides your trusty lubricated jimmy hat, let us show you the way. We have done the homework for you and curated several categories of the types of condoms you can use to amp up your love life.

Many are already familiar with Trojan, America's #1 most trusted condom brand. The Trojan-ENZ is a classic lubricated condom with a standard size and shape that will fit an array of men. Trojan offers so much more for your particular needs or adventuresome spirit. Check out our Trojan category to see all the different types of Trojan condoms you could try like the Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin. This promises to deliver a most sensitive feeling since it's 40% thinner than their other condoms. If you can't decide just buy the Trojan Platinum Pack and you'll have four condom types with varied shapes, lubricants, and levels of sensitivities to keep you busy.

See what the buzz is about over non-latex condoms. Our non latex category features both polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms. These condom types have materials that feel like latex but are safe for those with a latex allergy and are known to transmit body heat better. More heat makes for more intense sex and who doesn’t want that. 

If you’re an out of the box thinker when it comes to rubbers you’ll love our selection of unique and fun categories like colored and flavored condoms. ONE Flavor Waves offer a yummy selection of condoms that taste like banana, mint, or chocolate. You won’t need a nightlight when you’re wearing ONE Glowing Pleasure Condom. This rubber glows in the dark for some sexy fun.

Our categories of condom types wouldn’t be complete without mentioning textured condoms. Condoms with ribbing and studs is definitely a crowd pleaser with options to provide pleasure to both the wearer and partner. Condom Jungle has you covered whether you’re looking for exotic patterns, new shapes, or extreme studding, you’ll find them in the top brands like

Trojan, Durex and LifeStyles. These types of condoms come in magnum size too, so our well-endowed customers can add some flair to their junk.

Reach new heights of pleasure as you explore all of the different types of condoms we offer. When buying online you’re securing a better deal that arrives at your doorstep in non-descript labeling so no one else knows what’s inside. Pick your preferred protection and get humping.

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