This Is Where to Buy Condoms Today, Tomorrow and Every Time

The question of where to buy condoms often looms in the minds of first-time buyers while even more experienced lovers sometimes wonder if they shop at the best place. 

Even though you can get condoms just about everywhere these days, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase.

So… where to buy condoms?

The quick take would be any store that makes you happy with their service, whether it is near you or online.

Since online sales of just about everything climb year after year, there is no better place than to buy condoms online

Wouldn't you agree? 

The level of privacy of online transactions is just priceless as is the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your Internet-connected device. The idea of buying your jimmyhats in your jammies is just too tempting, right?

On the other hand, you might still be an offline shopper who likes to go to a local store near you. If you are still on the fence about shopping online, we have a message for you: it’s time for you to reconsider your old habits.

Whether you are a first-time condom buyer or a seasoned shopper, there are things to consider before determining where to buy condoms.

In case there is any question, yes, we sell condoms (CondomJungle). The following are insights we can provide to you, our customers, based on being in the business for over a decade.

Sit tight and read on.


As mentioned, nothing beats the privacy of online shopping when it involves something as personal as condoms.

First, nobody knows what you are buying but you.

Second, there are no more awkward moments when asking the store clerk to unlock the condom display. Nor will you have any noise-making alarm when you want to get the condom box from the shelf. We are not even talking about the cashier personnel announcing through the store speaker system: “There is a customer on aisle six that needs the condom shelf unlocked.” Don’t even get us started on the prudes who give dirty looks…

Discreet shipping

Discreet shipping should be automatic when it comes to condoms. We put no company logo on your order’s shipping package and also pack your order in a plain box or an envelope, that's it. Also, the shipping label does not say that it’s coming from CondomJungle. Nobody will know what you purchased, not even your delivery guy.

More details

Condom selection

Specialized sellers have the most extensive range of condoms because that's just what we do.

Here at CondomJungle, we carefully select the products that we carry and promote so you know you always have high-quality FDA approved products for your pecker.

When you consider where to buy condoms, there are other factors such as the seller’s reputation or even geo-location. We look into these in a moment.


If possible, look at how long the seller has been in business. New sellers with a small customer base don't get much business, and therefore their inventory can have a slow turnaround. If this is the case, the products you buy may have a shorter expiration date because they’ve been sitting on the shelves longer.

Fresh products

Specialized and reputable sellers usually turn their inventory regularly, so their condoms are fresh and straight from the manufacturer. Shelf life for latex condoms is up to 5 years in most cases but varies based on the lubrication and the manufacturer.

Money back

This might be a bit of a controversial statement but stick with us on this one. If the condom seller offers a money back guarantee, it's a clear sign for you to look somewhere else.

Most people like to know they can get their money back when returning an item they bought online, but just follow us on this. Do you know why this isn’t a good idea when it comes to prophylactics?

What do you think happens with the condoms someone returns?

Someone buys condoms then returns them, and the next recipient could be you. You might not mind, but we’d be concerned...

Who knows what the person did with them before they returned them? They could have kept them for days in their hot car, or whatever. The box might still look “brand new” but you have no way of knowing (and neither does that shady seller). Chances are if a seller allows returns, they resell them as brand new and you might be using them without knowing their backstory.

Condoms are medical device products (seriously, the FDA classifies them as such) and serve a very personal purpose so take no chances on secondhand shopping. We are talking your sexual health!

Fast service

If you need some protection immediately, head to your local liquor, drug or convenience store. You’ll pay a premium, but you’ll get them ASAP. If you can plan just a wee bit in advance, you can get your online purchase in the shortest time possible by buying from a seller that ships orders the next day (or even the same day if your order makes it in before the shipping deadline).

Also, if you expect your order to be delivered fast don't buy from a seller that is in a different country, especially across the globe. Delivery takes some time for international orders, and it's hard to put an exact date on their arrival. On the other hand, if you are not in a hurry, this won't factor into your buying decision.

If you reside in the USA or Canada, buying from us a US-based seller is a good choice because your order will reach you relatively fast.

Here at CondomJungle, our order processing is quick and we ship our orders daily during the week and even on most Saturdays. That means that your order leaves our warehouse quickly and shows up to your address in no time.


Remember when we talked about the times when you are about to get it on but don’t have a rubber? Do what you need to do, but we’re here to tell you that buying condoms online is cheaper. We all like low prices and good deals, and there is nothing wrong with that. Condoms, however, are already inexpensive when you break it down to a single condom. If you add the amount of fun you get using them, you see that pinching a penny on condoms is rather unnecessary in most cases.

Trading low cost for possibly low quality is not a smart decision. Look for discounts or deals but stay away from cheap goods since there is usually a reason behind an unusually low price. You don’t want to find out the hard way (i.e. the prophylactic does not protect you because of whatever reason like it was expired or mishandled by a seller who isn’t the most trustworthy).

Discreet Billing

We already talked about the anonymity of buying your safe sex paraphernalia online. Good sellers also give you discreet billing as an added layer of privacy to your overall purchasing experience. Some customers are timid or maybe a bit secretive about their condoms, and we respect that.

For that reason, we don't show any mention of the word condoms or CondomJungle on your bank statement.


Buying condoms online is just so darn convenient in every way so the next time you shop for them, pick a specialized seller with a stellar reputation (like us!) to be your reliable source.

About CondomJungle

We’re a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in condoms. Professional yet friendly, we built our reputation on excellent and reliable service, supplying customers in the United States, Canada and around the world for over a decade. We are confident we’ll provide you with the same quality service.

Once again, if contemplating where to buy condoms for your safe sex romps, we hope you choose In fact, nothing would make us happier.

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