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Common STDs: Condoms Keep Your Private Parts Pristine

Passion is an interesting phenomenon. It takes over, dominating your senses, your loins and your mind, making it hard to think about anything other than the intense sexual moment that’s about the happen. The experience is so titillating, none of us really want to think about the most common STDs before, during or after. Not [...]

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Pull Out Method: How It Compares to Condoms

You may have heard the term coitus interruptus before. However, for those who never took Latin, this term commonly refers to the pull out method or also known as the withdrawal method. In this article, we cover aspects of this old fashion birth control and how the technique works. We will tell you in advance that [...]

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Condom Expiration Date: Nothing Last Forever, Even Condoms

Do condoms expire? Those and similar to those questions are running through our heads when we first time come in contact with condoms. We all know what condoms are for and how to use them. They have many advantages and minimal if any, disadvantages. For some, the condom expiration date is among the supposed "disadvantages." Let's [...]

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Condom FAQs: Your Common Questions About Condoms

Do you have questions about condoms you are embarrassed to ask? We don't blame you, and you are probably not alone. In this article, we put together answers to condom frequently asked questions. The following is a random list not sorted in any particular order. Questions About Condoms: How old do you have to be to buy [...]

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Find Out Why SKYN Condoms Are So Desirable

There comes a time in every industry when a discovery or manufacturing innovation changes the otherwise stable waters. The arrival of SKYN Condoms proved to be a big breakthrough for prophylactics. When SKYN Condoms came along, it marked a new era in an industry that has a history dating back several hundreds of years.Eventful year The year [...]

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Ultra Thin Condoms Are a Win-Win for Both Participants

Ultra Thin condoms could undoubtedly be given the title of the most popular prophylactics out there. Men love using them, and women certainly don’t mind their men using them. So it seems like a win-win for both participating parties in their most human intimate activities. In this article, we shine some light on the always-cherished ultra [...]

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Natural Latex Condoms A.K.A. Rubbers Prevent and Protect

People across the world refer to natural latex condoms as ‘rubbers’. Considering their main ingredient, this perfect synonym for prophylactics retains its popularity decade after decade. In fact, guys spanning all age groups use this nickname all the time. "Dude, did you use rubbers"? "Do you have some rubbers"? "I love these rubbers." "I don't do it without rubbers." "I have [...]

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The Complete Guide on How to Buy Condoms

If you think safer sex, condoms come to mind first. They’ve been around a long time and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription. Cool. However, over the years, one of the conundrums for guys was where and how to buy condoms. For some, there is a layer of purchasing embarrassment given the personal nature of [...]

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This Is Where to Buy Condoms Today, Tomorrow and Every Time

The question of where to buy condoms often looms in the minds of first-time buyers while even more experienced lovers sometimes wonder if they shop at the best place. Even though you can get condoms just about everywhere these days, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. So… where to buy condoms? The [...]

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Next Time, Take Astroglide for a Spin

When it comes to the intimate moments human beings enjoy the most, better glide makes achieving ultimate enjoyment easier. Astroglide is or should be, a go-to personal lubricant if you are a fan of this adult private activity. What's Astroglide? In case it's not completely obvious, Astroglide is a favorite brand of high-quality personal lubricants for improving [...]

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