Pull Out Method: How It Compares to Condoms

You may have heard the term coitus interruptus before. However, for those who never took Latin, this term commonly refers to the pull out method or also known as the withdrawal method.

In this article, we cover aspects of this old fashion birth control and how the technique works. We will tell you in advance that it's no match for condoms. We can imagine that the pull out method has been around even before the condoms were invented.

What's the pull out method?

That is the practice during sex when a guy removes his penis with lightning precision just before the peak of his sexual excitement.

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves right now, “This is awesome, I can avoid pregnancy just by exiting in the nick of time!”

How effective is the pull out method?

When compared to other types of birth control, the pull out method pregnancy rate is rather high, with a failure rate up to 27% with typical use. That means that for every 100 couples who only pull out, 27 of them can expect a bun in the oven.

If this were Las Vegas and you were betting on not getting pregnant, don't put your money on the pull out method. The odds are against you. Why gamble when putting a condom on and using it correctly gives you 98% effectiveness against unwanted pregnancy?

If you master the correct use of withdrawing you can reduce the typical use failure rate, BUT it takes a lot of skill to learn the pull out method.

Her pleasure zone

That isn't to knock the guys out there who think they have full control of their joystick. It’s tough to time your departure from her pleasure zone, or you may forget altogether once in the throes of ecstasy. Wait one second too long, and millions of your sperm could hit the fertilization jackpot.

The high level of body awareness, self-control, and timing required for pulling out makes it a poor contraception choice. Especially for guys who prematurely ejaculate, or teens since they are less experienced. If you are a woman, relying on the pull-out method alone puts a tremendous amount of trust in your man to use it flawlessly every time.

Mr. Right Now

Ladies, he may be Mr. Right Now, but no one is perfect! Having a lack of control and worrying during sex takes the fun out of it. Don't kill the mood. Insist on a condom for protection instead so both of you can focus on more important matters like your pleasure.

What's pre-cum?

The pre-cum, also known as pre-ejaculation, is a colorless liquid that comes out of the penis before the actual ejaculation.

Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

According to the medical professionals, the pre-cum does not contain sperm. A small number of sperms could be in your urinary system from the last ejaculation. If that is the case, pre-cum will flush those out with it.

All this talk about ejaculate and babies has overshadowed another important consideration, is pulling out safe?

The pull out method and STIs

Remember that the only proven way to protect yourself from the risk of STIs is to use a condom every time you have sex. If you only depend on withdrawing, you put yourself in contact with a lot of bodily fluids, which can easily transfer many infections. Why take that chance?

Now ask yourself this: When can the pull out method help you in your sex life? In case you don't have to worry about catching an STD because you are in a trusted and committed relationship is about the only time you’d want to entertain using this technique. That’s because it mostly works for preventing pregnancy but there is always a chance. The pullout method's effectiveness rate just doesn’t compare to condoms or The Pill.


Pulling out may seem enticing and convenient, but doing so comes with heavy baggage and high pressure, two things you don't want during sex. It's called coitus interruptus for a reason; the pull out method is a significant interruption in your sex game, and a definite gamble.

Go with the better odds — instead of pulling out, put on a condom and savor that sweet release without having to beat the ejaculatory clock.

Nowadays, buying condoms online is a very convenient way of getting your protections from the privacy of your mobile device.