The Worst Things You Can Do to Your Condoms

Condoms are a gift to your genitals. They protect you from unwanted pregnancies and all kinds of horrible and disgusting STDs, but if you want them to take care of you, you have to take care of them. If you don’t, it shows how much you care about yourself.

Here are some of the WORST things you can do to your condoms—things you should avoid at all costs.

Store your condoms in your car
Ever came back to your car from shopping or whatever, got in and burned your ass because you were wearing shorts and the seat was super hot? Imagine what such extreme heat could do to your condoms!

We know, we know. You spend a ton of time in your car commuting and sometimes you go straight from work to your booty call, but if you continually keep rubbers in your ride, you may just have a problem on your hands, or should we say dick.

Keeping condoms in your car, which can fluctuate from extreme hot one day to frigid the next night, sets you up for an increased risk of catching an STD. You definitely don’t want that. You must always store your prophylactics properly at a “normal” room temperature.

Not have sex for a long time
Your girlfriend breaks up with you and you go into a funk. But then, you get totally optimistic and buy a ton of condoms so you are prepared when the time comes. But you have a dry spell. One year turns into two. Two years is now four. “What the f…” It’s been a long time. Just when you think that you will never screw again… You meet someone. And she’s hot for you. So you break out those rubbers that you bought, but Uh Oh…

Fortunately, you check the condom expiration date.

You knew you had a dry spell but you didn’t know it was that long…long enough that your rubbers are so old, they would never protect you.

You know you gotta use a condom when you have sex with a new partner, but if you use one that has expired, you might as well go bareback. And that’s dumb. Seriously, expired condoms are worthless. So keep a fresh stash at all times. It’a worth it.

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Using the wrong lube
Condoms are the most effective at protecting you from STDs and pregnancy, but if you use the wrong lube, you’re screwed. 

Using anything other than water-based lubricants might weaken the latex, compromising the effectiveness of your condom and your safety. Never use oil-based lubricants. Products like petroleum jelly are off limits too. And don’t even think about using moisturizers, lotion, cream or body butter… These can all weaken the latex, not to mention possibly irritating your partner’s loins.

There’s a reason they make personal lubricants specifically for condoms. Use them! 

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Reuse Condoms
This should be self-explanatory…but…

We felt the need to remind everyone to NEVER, and we repeat, NEVER reuse a condom, even if you didn’t cum.

Condoms are strong and can, of course, withstand your thrusting during sex. But reusing one doesn’t cut it — there are just too many variables. You might think you gave it a good wash, but you could miss some bodily fluids, or weaken the latex in the wash You could also damage the condom just by handling it. All of these seemingly simple tasks can decrease the condom effectiveness, setting you up for trouble if you were to use the rubber again.  

As if that’s not enough, reusing a condom is just plain gross. If your lover ever found out you reuse, we bet you won’t get so lucky again.

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The best thing you can do for yourself is to use condoms. Just use common some sense and you’ll be protected.