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Best Trojan Condoms You Need to Know About

Best Trojan Condoms

It's always nice to have a friend you can turn to for advice in a specific area of knowledge and expertise. And as your friend we want to help you pick a condom that helps you not only in protection but in pleasure as well. So, we put together our list of the best trojan condoms you need to know about. Well, you don't need to know but it's nice to know what to look for.

Let’s start by saying that  Trojan has been wrapping up men's private parts since the roaring twenties and now makes over 30 varieties of condoms. Because this undisputed champion in the U.S. condom market has so much to offer – from various sizes to innovative designs and more -- there was a lot of testing on our part. We did the dirty work for you to create our best Trojan condoms list.

Our recommendations feature condoms across the entire Trojan selection, because, as not all penises are the same, neither are all condoms. Size, type, etc. may make a difference for you.

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If this is your first time learning about Trojan condoms (or even if it’s not), we advise you to sample a few to get a better feel for the brand. You can also review our  condom size chart to see all the condoms sorted out in size order.

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Our List of the Best Trojan Condoms


First on our list is Trojan ENZ. The ENZ is a classic among all Trojans and has been around for a very long time. Its blue retail box with white lettering is most likely something that just about everyone has stumbled upon at one point when shopping for condoms.

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Trojan Pure Ecstasy

Pure Ecstasy boasts a newly patented designed, with a wider end and tapered base. This comfort shape offers a roomier fit, perfect for men who are uncircumcised. They come lubricated inside and out to enhance that natural feeling.

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Trojan Extended Pleasures

It's always hard to say goodbye, especially when in the midst of ultimate pleasure, but now you don't have to when you use Trojan Extended Pleasures condoms. These have a special ingredient, Benzocaine, placed inside to prevent premature ejaculation. Delayed gratification never felt more satisfying.

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Naturalamb is the only condom available in its natural form. We encourage you to click the more detail link below to learn about this unique non-latex condom.

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Trojan BareSkin

For the pure minimalist, Bareskin makes you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. This highly rated condom is Trojan’s thinnest-- 40% thinner to be exact. This one already comes lubricated, but a little extra will go a long way. You will feel the difference in a more natural feel.

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Trojan Supra

Trojan Supra is the non-latex cousin of Trojan Bareskin. Supra is made from medical grade polyurethane, comes lubricated, and also transmits body heat. Talk about hot! Just remember that polyurethane is not as stretchable as latex.

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Trojan Magnum Ecstasy

The Ecstasy condoms are available in a regular size though some of them seem to be on the bigger side. Nonetheless, for men who need just a bit more space, there is Magnum Ecstasy. If you've never used this rubber you need to feel the light bulb design we think you might love it.

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Trojan Her Pleasure

Ladies, we have not forgotten about you! Her Pleasure Sensations was designed from a woman's perspective. It is ribbed and contoured for heightened sensation while also offering a comfortable fit for him too.

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Trojan Magnum Ribbed

There is a reason why Magnum Ribbed made the best Trojan condoms list. This guy packs a pleasure punch with strategically placed spiral ribbing at the base for HER and at the top for HIM. It comes lubricated for extra ease, and its larger proportions provide better comfort for men who find standard sized condoms too tight.

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Trojan Magnum XL

If you feel that the regular Magnum size is not enough for you, the XL variation is for you. Lightly lubricated and in tapered shape, well-endowed men just love the Magnum XL.

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Trojan Double Ecstasy

We already featured an Ecstasy condom on our list, but because these condoms are such favorites, we could not leave you with only mentioning them. The Trojan Double Ecstasy features deep ribbing throughout the whole condom body for delivering maximum pleasure.

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Trojan Groove

The Trojan Groove is not only a regular ribbed condom, its patent-pending design (i.e. the grooves) helps its lubricant last longer because it stays in place better. We like that and think you will too.

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Trojan ENZ Non-Lubricated

We opened our list of the best Trojan condom with Trojan ENZ. The only difference between those two is lubrication. If you prefer dry condoms for whatever reason, you should check out the ENZ Non-lubricated. Same great condom just without the lube.

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Magnum Bareskin

We already featured Bareskin condoms earlier in our list, but this Bare Skin is in magnum size because we didn't want to leave our thicker guys out of the equation.

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So there you have it. We hope this top ten list helps you select a condom you really like. Which one of our best Trojan condoms will be your favorite? Let us know by providing an anonymous review after you use it.

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Keep in mind that writing a condom review is a feature that is opened to our customers who purchase the condoms through us. That way we can verify the legitimacy of the reviews.