A Handful of Trojan Condom Types For Everybody's Preference

If you are a man living in the U.S. with at least an average interest in sex, chances are you already came across Trojan condoms. This market-leading American brand has lots to offer its army of devoted penis-owning users. The plethora of Trojan condom types features just about everything across the whole spectrum of prophylactics.

In this article, we take a closer look at all of the Trojan condom types and compare them to each other.

Trojan condom material

Trojan manufactures a considerable majority of its selection using natural rubber latex. This material is stretchy and contours nicely with human skin. There are also two other types of material in their cum-collecting arsenal. The first is polyurethane and the second is lambskin. These two are diametrically different in regards to their characteristics, and one of them is even different in its overall effectiveness.

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Selection of Trojan Condom Types

The selection of Trojan condoms has over thirty products that vary by type. The word variety certainly fits when discussing this brand’s product line. It’s time to take a look at all of the Trojan condom types individually.

Popular from Trojan

Though we understand that what condom you prefer is completely up to you, check out this short video featuring a time-tested and also popular Trojan condom in case you need help deciding.

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Trojan ENZ

Trojan ENZ is a classic, certainly the most known, especially to the older portion of Trojan's demographic. The condoms in this signature product line feature a straight wall shape with reservoir tip at the end. There are three ENZ products available in this line at this time.

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Trojan BareSkin

Trojan Bare Skin is a rather young product that has been around for a few years. It is the line consisting of Trojan’s thinnest condoms and is sort of a subcategory of Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms. Some of the products in this line up have been around longer but they went through a name change when the brand introduced the BareSkin product line. BareSkin is an excellent name for condoms that represent this favorite group.

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Trojan Ecstasy

The Trojan Ecstasy design is quite unusual but revolutionary in every regard. You need to read a bit more about Ecstasy condoms to understand what they are and how they differentiate themselves. Before any physical experience, it’s the shape that first catches your attention.

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Trojan Her Pleasure

Trojan Her Pleasure is designed from a woman's perspective to increase her stimulation. As its name hints, it's ribbed for HER pleasure to make her feel your solid presence. Around for some time, Her Pleasure condoms have an easily recognizable purple retail box.

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Trojan G Spot

Trojan G Spot is a ribbed condom that has a unique shape that is designed to stimulate HER on the most sensitive spot.

Trojan G Spot

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Trojan Thin

We mentioned this ultra-thin category when talking about BareSkin condoms. Thin condoms are in for a simple reason. You want to feel as close to your partner as you possibly can, right? Trojan Ultra Thin condoms allow just that, and are available in several shapes and size variations. Sample them all to get a better grasp on what you fancy.

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Trojan Ribbed

We talked about the previous category as being perhaps the most popular. Ribbed condoms are right there in the rear view mirror behind ultra-thin. Trojan gives their users choices, and you have to try these to see if they trigger an onslaught of passion in your partner.

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In this category Trojan creates condoms that have some sort of special lubrication feature for added sensation or even more. To be a bit more specific, you can get warming or cooling sensations, or experience a lube that delays a man's glorious end.

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Trojan Fire & Ice

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Trojan Groove

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Trojan Non-latex

We already touched on the condom material at the beginning of this article so here are the specifics in a nutshell. Trojan offers two non-latex condoms. They are both very different, not just material-wise but also from the effectiveness point of view. Naturalamb is made of material also known as lambskin and the Supra is a polyurethane condom. Take a moment to read their brief descriptions.


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Trojan Supra BareSkin

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Trojan is the only condom brand that includes a selection of spermicide condoms its product line-up.

We carry Trojan Spermicidal condoms at our CondomJungle store so if you want that added pregnancy protection we got you covered. 

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Magnum Condoms

Trojan is the only brand that dedicates a whole product line to men with voluptuous manhood. Large guys get to choose from a variety that most brands could only envy.

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Trojan Variety Packs

Trojan knows that variety Packs are a necessity because people like to mix it up. That is why they offer their famous Pleasure Pack.

If you are familiar with our CondomJungle store, you might know of our First-Time Buyer Variety Pack that features condom diversity across the whole spectrum, not just Trojan.

Trojan Pleasure Pack

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There is a plentiful array of Trojan condom types, giving you options galore. Even if you have your favorite condoms, don't be against trying something different and new. 

Get a few samples and explore and experiment to find out what other types of condoms are right for you. You never know what you'll adore even more. You are already protecting yourself by using a condom, now it's time to choose the best feeling condoms for you.

Be safe, Hump Responsibly!

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