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Trojan Pleasure Pack is an assortment of condoms that are designed to stimulate both partners. Made of premium natural rubber latex and lubricated for comfort and sensitivity. Trojan Pleasure Pack is an excellent choice for those who want to experience mutual sensual excitement that other smooth condoms don't provide.

In this assortment, you'll find Trojan Twisted, Trojan Her Pleasure, Trojan Intense and Trojan Warming or similar condoms.

Condoms in the Trojan Pleasure Pack feature several shapes and designs to achieve different experience for the user.

Note: All four condoms in this Trojan Pleasure Pack are in a standard size and will fit a wide range of men. 

If you are new to condoms or want to try a wider variety of condoms, we recommend checking out our First-Time Buyer Variety Pack or the Variety Pack category for more options.

You can also put together your custom Trojan Pleasure Pack. Simply browse our full selection of Trojan condoms and pick a sample condom you would like to try.


wider head condom shape



wider head condom shape



Condom Shape



Does the Trojan Pleasure Pack have spermicide?
No, condoms in this pleasure pack don't have spermicide but you can check out our spermicide condoms category for those products.

What material are condoms in Trojan Pleasure Pack made of?
This Pleasure Pack is an assortment of premium natural latex condoms. If you are sensitive to latex see our non-latex condoms options.


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Trojan update this pack!

I wish Trojan would update this pack will newly released condoms.



Order received!!! WILL USE THEM SOON!!!

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