Find Out Why SKYN Condoms Are So Desirable

There comes a time in every industry when a discovery or manufacturing innovation changes the otherwise stable waters. The arrival of SKYN Condoms proved to be a big breakthrough for prophylactics.

When SKYN Condoms came along, it marked a new era in an industry that has a history dating back several hundreds of years.

Eventful year

The year 2008, when SKYN Condoms hit the shelves, was an eventful one in general, full of ups and downs including economic turbulence and crashes. When things don't go that well, intimacy often is a soothing remedy. Along with an uptick in intimacy, condom usage also goes up. It’s really not all that surprising when you think about it. The thought of increasing your family size, which in turn increases your expenditures, is a bit daunting in an economic downtown.

This article, fortunately, focuses solely on condoms, leaving the financial upheaval that marred 2008 to historians and pundits to recapitulate.

A quick glance at the history

Simple animal intestines were among the first materials used to make “condoms”. Centuries later rubber latex took over. This "modern era" material for rubbers stayed pretty much unchanged for nearly a century with only minor manufacturing improvements.

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Going back to 1839

The year 1839 marked the invention of the rubber vulcanization manufacturing process. This invention changed the game for those early day standards, but prophylactics were still unsophisticated. 

Lovers had both a thick material and a thick rubber smell to deal with. Thick and smelly does not equate to user-friendly, which we all want when it comes to intimate devices. If you lived back in those days, you traded a pleasurable prophylactic experience for protecting yourself.

A significant turn regarding material enhancement came in 1920 thanks to the invention of a new latex manufacturing process. Although still made of rubber, this opened the door wide to new possibilities for much thinner condoms that were safer and had less tire aroma.

Since the 1920s, when natural latex condoms first saw the light of day, major material improvements went dormant for a very long time. It was not until a whopping 75 years later that a new material surfaced. 

Durex introduced the first polyurethane condom in 1995, which uses a non latex material different from that of SKYN.

Durex’s polyurethane material did not have the elastic properties that latex does. This fact is why SKYN condoms were and are such a big deal in terms of material advancement. We explore this more coming up.

What are SKYN Condoms?

In short, SKYN Condoms are a line of non-latex prophylactics from LifeStyles Condoms, a major player in the condom world. LifeStyles is no newbie by the way. This brand’s history goes all the way back to 1905.

More details

What are SKYN condoms made of?

Lifestyles calls the material it uses to make SKYN condoms Skynfeel. This is the brand’s commercial term for its material, which is more officially known as polyisoprene.

Note: We use the names Skyfeel and polyisoprene interchangeably throughout this article.

Skynfeel is comfortable and soft to the touch and, in many respects, practically mirrors the characteristics of natural rubber latex. So what’s so different about polyisoprene when compared to latex and why should you care?

Both traditional latex condoms and these Skynfeel counterparts actually start with natural rubber latex as their core material component. Once we move beyond this surprise-inducing fact, there is a big difference.

When making Skynfeel condoms, the manufacturing process extracts the latex allergens from the core material. The result is the technologically advanced, non-latex polyisoprene material. This material is entirely free of natural rubber latex allergens. More on why this is important later.

There is only one other condom on the market made of polyisoprene, and it’s Durex Avanti. Originally, it was made of polyurethane but Durex changed the material after Lifestyles came out with the revolutionary polyisoprene material.

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SKYN condoms are as effective against STDs and unwanted pregnancies as latex condoms. SKYN condoms meet all the strict FDA quality requirements this third-party auditor demands.

What does that mean for you?

As long as you consistently use a condom always, and yes that means every time, their effectiveness can be as high as 98 percent. That's pretty good for such an inexpensive device, don't you think?

What lubricant to use?

SKYN is pre-lubricated with a silicone lubricant so it would be logical to use silicone if you need to add more. Aside from that, you can use water-based lube too. Oil-based lubes are a big No-No for latex rubbers and the same holds true for these polyisoprene condoms.

Is there spermicide?

No, there are no SKYN condoms with spermicide available. In theory, it should be okay to use this potent, sperm-killing lube with these condoms. Having said that, we don’t officially recommend that you use any spermicidal lubricant on these polyisoprene condoms. The reason why we have a neutral stance on this is because unless a manufacturer openly endorses a specific type of lubricant, you are on your own regarding whether or not to use it.

Latex Allergy

Remember how we talked about the manufacturing process removing the latex allergens? This is what makes polyisoprene condoms the go-to choice for many people who are sensitive, or downright allergic, to latex (specifically, the allergens).

The likelihood of having this type of latex allergy is small but tends to increase the more exposure someone has to it. For example, medical workers as well as those working in rubber factories are more inclined to this type of allergy.

For the record, the SKYN product line is also free of peanut and tree nuts and contains no animal derivatives. This makes it an even more desirable choice for anyone who has sensitivities.


SKYN is deemed as a synthetic polyisoprene condom that does not contain natural rubber latex. We can only speculate about the list of goodies in this material because the manufacturer do not disclose its unique condom-making recipe.

Whatever it is that goes into making them, the final material result has the very similar elasticity to the regular natural rubber latex but is even softer. The making process is somewhat similar as well, which we touched on a few paragraphs back.


Condom shapes play a valuable part in how a condom feels for its user. SKYN features a straight wall shape across the whole product line. The straight wall shape is classic and provides the same width throughout the entire condom anatomy, ending with the tip. It is an easy design choice for any condom maker.


The expiration date of SKYN Condoms is about the same as for other latex varieties, which is around five years. The shelf time may be shorter in some cases and is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer of the particular product. Always check the product box for the shelf life date.

SKYN Condoms

Below we feature the individual items that are currently available on the market. Click the orange button below every product description to go to the product page. There you can learn more about the particular product, see any available discounts and more.

SKYN Original

LifeStyles SKYN Original, as its name indicates, was the first SKYN ever made. That was the product that opened the door for the other four items available today. It has a straight wall shape with a reservoir end.

SKYN Elite Large

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Large, is a large size of the Elite. This thinner and softer for higher sensitivity. It has a straight wall shape with a reservoir end.

SKYN Large

LifeStyles SKYN Large is identical to the original with the exception of being slightly larger in both width and length. If you find that the regular size feels too tight give this larger counterpart a shot.

SKYN Elite

LifeStyles SKYN Elite is an ultra-thin condom. It takes the already smooth and soft material of SKYN Condoms up another notch by being even thinner. It's only available in regular size but give it a try by getting a single sample.

SKYN Extra Lubricated

LifeStyles SKYN Extra Lubricated, as its name implies, comes straight out of the wrapper with slightly more lube. The lubricant is also thicker compared to the rest. This condom comes in regular/medium size.

SKYN Extra Studded

LifeStyles SKYN Extra Studded is texture throughout the condom body. The studs play an encouraging role in intensifying HER every movement.

SKYN Cocktail Club

The LifeStyles SKYN Cocktail Club is a new collection that features the first-ever flavored non-latex condoms on the U.S. market. 

Famous cocktails inspired this assortment. Featured flavors and scents include pina colada, cherry sunrise and passion daiquiri. Simply delicious, don’t you think? When used with the mix of hot desire and passion you have an interesting sexual encounter coming your way.

There you have it, the entire SKYN family. Grab your SKYN Condom single samples by clicking the orange buttons and going straight to the subsequent product page. Happy trying!

SKYN condom sizes

SKYN Condoms family we just introduced ranges from regular to large and possibly extra large size. We include this latter part because some extra large condom users switch to SKYN Large because of the advanced nature of the material and, it would seem, also a good fit. Sizing and fit is very individual so you have to try them to see for yourself.

Width dimensions provided by the manufacturer:

The following measurements, measured at the base (at the ring), reflect the width of the condom, which means when you lay it flat on a surface. If you are looking for the circumference measurement, it's usually double the listed measurement plus 2 to 3 mm due to the ring rounding when put flat.

Our SKYN condoms review

We've been selling SKYN since its very beginning and have nothing but good things to say about this product. Over the years the SKYN product line grew to include multiple items.

See what the buzz is all about by giving these a try then do your own SKYN condom review. Who knows, you might be another in the growing group of devoted users.

Free samples

As the old saying goes "nothing in life is FREE" and that goes for SKYN condoms too but don't despair. We provide single samples for you to try for a small fee. Just click the orange button below the product in this article and head over to the product page.


The price of SKYN condoms is similar to Trojan, other LifeStyles condoms or any other premium latex condoms. A box of 10 or 12, depending on the type, cost you anywhere between $10 - $13. Isn't a safer sexual encounter worth roughly a $1 per pop to you?

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SKYN Condoms came to us at a time when there had been no real changes or improvements in the condom industry for a super long time, and we are thankful they came. If you need a non-latex condom or just want to use one that is more innovative, SKYN is for you.

Thanks for sticking with us until the end, and as always we leave you with the two following sentiments: Stay safe and Hump Responsibly.

If you have any questions about condoms, contact us. We are here to help.