Condom Sizes: How to Choose the Right One

Men’s private parts vary in shape and size, so we have a few condom sizes to help us dress up those secret bits.

The good news is there are lots of condoms out there to choose from. The even better news for you is you don't have to wade through gobs of sizes. 

Finding a well-fitting raincoat, rubber, jimmy hat, prophylactic or whatever else you might call your condoms is rather easy.

"Discovering your condom size is not rocket science so let's not pretend that it is."

Stick with us as we reveal the deal when it comes to condom sizing.

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It's quite simple

Discovering your condom size is not rocket science so let's not pretend that it is.

To understand what’s going on with condom sizes, we just need to look at their size chart, which is like a garment size chart, as both products have a similar sizing structure.

The combination of products you find  from the leading condom brands accommodates an extremely broad range of men.

Prevent and protect

Condoms are known for their effectiveness against unintended pregnancies and reducing the chances of STD transmission. That is enough reason for putting a bit of effort into choosing your intimate wardrobe.


There are several condom material types available today, yet natural rubber latex still leads the pack. This time-tested material is what you find most often on the market. In recent years, polyisoprene material has been trailblazing the   category of non-latex condoms. It’s soft and acts as latex minus the latex allergens.

Condom elasticity

As previously stated, thanks to the condom's elastic characteristics men of many proportions can find their best fit without a hassle. Let us explain a little further.

Comfortable stretch zone

We coined the term “comfortable stretch zone” as we think it helps you understand condom anatomy and how it affects your fit.

A condom has an elastic ring at its base, which is an essential element for your wearing comfort.

What's the comfortable stretch zone?

The comfortable stretch zone, as we call it, is a range where the condom can stretch at the base when rolled to the bottom of the penis without you feeling any uncomfortable constraint. 

The elasticity is a significant advantage that condoms have, whether they are made of natural rubber latex or another advanced medical grade non-latex material such as polyisoprene.

Condom comfortable stretch zone

A condom's comfortable stretch zone is different for every brand. This is because manufacturers use their particular material-making process to achieve a unique feel and stretchiness for their specific condom material. 

As a result, the condom feel varies somewhat per brand.

Trying several condom types and brands allows you to see what feels best for you.

Personal preference

It’s a good idea for every man to figure out his condom size and fit ahead of time. Doing this brief intimate homework goes a long way for bedroom rendezvousing.

If you are new to condoms, you should do a few dry runs or dress rehearsals before the act. That way you'll avoid any possible show-stopping surprises.

We’re sure you know what we mean. If there is any doubt, here it is again using blunt guy talk: try a few different condoms on your "d**k" before you "f**k" for real.

That way you won’t be perplexed in full erection, wondering why the condom you have is so hard to put on. 

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Condom Sizes

As we already mentioned, condom sizing is similar to other kinds of men’s apparel. If you think about it, prophylactics are just another form of clothing. You’re just dressing up a different body part-- your penis.

If you look at all of the leading brands and sort out their condoms by their dimensions, you end up with  four distinct condom sizes. Let's take a quick glance at them below.

The majority of men fall into the following condom size categories:

Condom measurements

We briefly touched on the size categories in the last paragraph. Now, let's explore more.

We also have an extensive condom size chart you can check out after reading this article. That is where we feature over 50 different condoms from a variety of brands and in multiple types and sizes.

This is how we determine the sizes.

Condom Width

First, let's explain what we mean by the base width, which some manufacturers also refer to as "nominal" width.

Imagine laying a condom flat and measuring the distance at the base from side to side.

Condom width

The base width is what matters the most when it comes to your wearing comfort. Check out these general width measurements for reference.

Condom size by the base width:

  • Small - 50 mm +/- (1.97 inches) or smaller
  • Standard - 52 mm +/- (2.05 inches)
  • Large - 54 mm +/- (2.13 inches)
  • XL - 56 mm +/- (2.21 inches) or larger

These measurements can be a bit misleading because of the differences we mentioned earlier since a same condom from another brand may feel slightly different to you.


The girth is the measurement you get when measuring the condom base/ring all the way around or when you double the width.

Condom manufacturers don’t use the circumference measurement when referring to their condom sizes. They use the width number for categorizing their product size instead.

Condom circumference


The length is usually not an issue in a condom. Prophylactic have that amazing elasticity, which allows them to easily stretch lengthwise and still feel comfortable. 

The length depends on the particular brand but typically comes in around the measurements below.

The length of a condom is on average around between 190 and 200 mm but may vary based on a particular product. Large and XL condoms are typically longer.

Condom length

How to determine your condom size?

We have no doubt that you would figure this task out on your own, but here are a few ways to do it.

Guess your condom size

  • buy a box and see what happens

Use the trial and error method

Though a bit more time-consuming, this method gives you an overview on a bunch of available condoms.

For our last, and most specific option, you need to determine your penis size first.

How do you do that?

Measure yourself

You will have to roll up your sleeves, get down and dirty and do some self-exploration. You might even enjoy a few chuckles and giggles throughout the process.

Believe it or not, how to measure your penis is beyond the scope of this “condom sizes” article. If you need some guidance for this measuring assignment, we recommend reading the following article where we dissect this fun task, or simply Google it.

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If you are not obsessed with knowing your exact number there is a way to gauge your manhood in a snap. All that you need is a toilet paper roll. 

Got it?

Here we go.

Slip the toilet paper roll onto your penis

1. If there’s extra room you most likely need:

  • Small (S) A.K.A. Snugger Fit

2. If the fit is just about right you should start with:

  • Medium (M) A.K.A. Standard or Regular 

3. If it’s too tight or you can’t even come close to putting it on, you need to look at:

  • Large (L) or Extra Large (XL)

Slip the toilet paper roll onto your penis

If you are new to condoms or simply looking to try some variety, our  First-Time Buyer Condom Pack may be the best option for you.

What else helps with the best fit?

Aside from the size, the condom shape is another essential aspect of the best fit. Some men like the fit of a classic straight wall rubber while others enjoy the more spacious lightbulb shape. 

The shape of your manhood and the level of its sensitivity are definitely determining factors when it comes to fit preference. Being circumcised or uncircumcised may play a role in preference as well.

Lubricant might help

Condom lubrication is another important factor to consider in connection to the condom size. Here’s why. Some men assume that the condom they use is too small because they have difficulties putting it on. In reality, it may be due to the anatomical shape with the penis head being bigger than the rest. 

Sometimes, all that it takes is to put a few drops of a condom compatible personal lubricant inside the condom before starting to unroll it to help the easy-on process.

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Finding the right condom size is not a complicated task, but it takes a teeny bit of effort. 

Exploring condom sizes through the trial and error method or using the self-measuring technique should get you the desired results.

Using the right size is best both for your comfort and effectiveness. Having said that, you should always use some condom, any condom, rather than using none at all.

Proper fit is about making you feel confident and comfortable. Don't forget to check the expiration date for good measure before you hit the sheets.

Hope you have some fun with condom sizes and finding your favorite rubbers. Keep it simple, stay safe and as always Hump Responsibly.

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