12 Best Condoms For Anal Sex

If you are shopping for condoms that are particularly made for the back door rendezvous you've come to the right place. 

We put together a list of 12 best condoms for anal sex. That is at least according to our humble opinion after helping to dress up penises from coast to coast and around the world for the last 12 plus years.

If you are planning on doing some anal exploration and intend to take your penis along for the ride, you want to dress up for the special occasion.

Our list of the best condoms for anal sex will give you some choices to consider. In case you are reading this and you can't quite make sense of the "anal sex" phrase the upcoming paragraph is dedicated to you. 

If you are in to know, skip the "What's" paragraph and continue.

What's anal sex?

Anal sex is also known as anal intercourse. 

This type of sexual activity can be described as inserting an erect penis into the partner's rectum to achieve sexual pleasure. The anus thrusting is not limited to the penis alone. 

Butt play, as some also nicknamed this adult extracurricular activity can include finger(s), sex toy(s) or whatever else is specially designed to concur this delicate and a quite multi-functional area of the human body.

As you can see, there are options when it comes to pleasuring anus and beyond. Since this article is about the best condoms for anal sex, we will stick with our rubber protective devices as we move forward.

Anal safer sex

In general anal sex is considered a high risk when it comes to catching  sexually transmitted disease due to soft anus tissues. 

This type of sexual activity, when performed without a condom, is on top of the list of risky sexual behaviors. Unless you know your partner's sexual health status, you should always use a condom for anal sex.

12 Best Condoms For Anal Sex

The list below  consists of plain condoms meaning that they don't have any special lubrication that could irritate the anus. 

They are also smooth meaning have no ribs or studs on the condom surface. More on this subject in the "What condoms not to use" paragraph in last third of this article. 

So these are our tips for the best condoms for anal sex. We sorted them out by their size for your convenience. We picked condoms that have a smaller light-bulb or a  traditional shape. As you'll notice there are both types of lubricants used on those condoms (water and silicone). 

In this case, the lubricant type is irrelevant since additional lubricant needs to be used for anal sex especially when used with a condom.

LifeStyles Snugger Fit

Water-Based DETAILS
Iron Grip 



Okamoto Zero Zero Four .004 Aloe



Beyond Seven Ultra Thin 



LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated 



LifeStyles Extra Strength 



SKYN Original 



SKYN Extra Lubricated 



Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube 

Aqua Lube


SKYN Large 



Magnum XL 



Mega Big Boy



Information for the beginners

Thought anal sex could be a great way pleasure your partner there are some disadvantages. Butts don't self-lubricate as vaginas do, so to make it enjoyable there are a few rules you should keep in mind and don't forget to follow.

Use a lubricant

To provide better glide,  a lubricant is a necessary accessory. As we mentioned earlier, the anus is sensitive, and the tissues could get damaged causing small tears and wares opening pathways for infections to enter the body.

Use a silicone-based lube

Plain silicone lube either in liquid but better yet in a gel form will work better since it doesn't dry out as water-based lubricants do. Not all silicone-based lubricants are certified as latex-safe so look for this important detail. 

The reason for gel lubes being slightly favored for anal sex is their thicker consistency witch results in lube staying it place more than a liquid one. 

For example, though water-based the  KY Jelly or Astroglide Gel is popular lubricants for anal sex since they nice stay in place where applied.

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Hygiene first

Most people are concerned about cleanliness when it comes to anal sex, and it makes sense. Following some specific steps for cleaning of the anus prior the anal sex will ensure a more pleasurable experience. If your partner is not prepped for anal sex and you are not using a condom, you are exposing yourself to  potential urinary infections. Partner's fecal matter's bacterias could enter your system through your penis potentially infecting your urinary tract.

Major misconception

There is a major misconception among some users that using two condoms at the same time will give them double protection. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Wearing two condoms at the same time will not only provide the anticipated security but moreover will  make the condom more prone to breaking. Let alone double bagging would feel terrible for both partners due to the limited or no friction between the two condoms.

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What condoms not to use for anal sex?

There are some condoms you should stay away from for their lubricant and specific type. Condoms that are specially lubricated with warming or cooling lube like  Trojan Fire & Ice can be too much to handle the sensitive anus tissues.

Same goes for condoms with numbing lube. Don't even think about using  condoms with spermicide; those should also stay away from any anal sex.

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To sum it up

Anal sex is just another way to satisfy you and your partner. 

There are precautions you should take to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. 

We hope you'll find our list of 12 best condoms for anal sex helpful and take it from there anywhere you desire.

Regardless of the condom, you'll end up using, remember to always Hump Responsibly.

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