Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms: Thinner is Better

Trojan ultra thin condoms hold a prestigious spot within the line-up of America’s most trusted brand for doing the naughty safely.

Trojan not only dedicates a whole category to ultra thin prophylactics but also has the Trojan BareSkin line, which is even thinner than standard ultra thin condoms. We talk about all these to arouse your intrigue.

What are Trojan ultra thin condoms?

The quickest and most direct answer is that they are thinner than regular Trojan condoms. Of course, like any other prophylactic, their primary purpose is to keep you from getting pregnant or getting any STDs. But these sheaths give you a more natural feeling while protecting you so you feel closer and more in tune with your partner.

How thin are they?

The thickness, or better yet, the “thinness” range is between 0.045 to 0.055 millimeters. Keep in mind, however, that manufacturers often don't put these types of measurements on their product boxes. Trojan is among those who don't so we included an estimated range rather than exact numbers so you at least have a general idea of the thickness. Most of us can’t visualize the difference in millimeters anyway, right?

Trojan's product marketing gives you enough hints to let you know what this popular condom is all about. What we all really care about is that this condom is 40% thinner, a difference we all can certainly feel.


Natural rubber latex is the dominant go-to material throughout this U.S.-based manufacturer’s whole selection. They have a couple of non-latex condoms that are very thin as well. We highlight them along with the other featured products later.


Condom lubrication is a convenient and welcomed-by-users enhancement. Trojan adds lubrication to all of its condoms in this category. You can use additional water- or silicone-based lube as you desire.

Note: Always read the product box or product page for lubricant related information. In general, natural rubber latex condoms are compatible with the before mentioned personal lubricants.


If you are regular size or a large guy, you will find your rubber match. For smaller or extra large men, there are better fitting ultra thin condoms available from other brands.

Note: Magnum XL is a regular thickness condom but an excellent choice if you don't fit into Magnum Bareskin or Magnum Thin.

We hope the time comes sooner than later when both ends of the demographic spectrum can enjoy very sensitive prophylactics from Trojan.

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The beauty of having such an extensive selection like Trojan has is that not all of the condoms have to have the same shape. Scroll down to see this particular feature for their respective products. As you'll see, there are a few shapes available, from straight to bulbous and even tapered.


The notion of an expiration date often concerns users. Trojan designs most of their prophylactics to last up to five years, but it’s always smart to check the wrapper or the retail box. Under normal circumstances, any time within the designed shelf life and you should be good to go.

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Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms

As mentioned, there are several shapes, sizes and types of ultra-thin condoms in Trojan's product lineup. Let's take a look at them individually.

The first on our list is a product that has been a signature item for Trojan condoms for many years.

Trojan Ultra Thin

Trojan Ultra Thin is a traditional, straight wall condom. Straight wall condoms are just what they sound like. They have the same width from top to bottom, providing a tighter fit especially in the condom head area.

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Trojan Ultra Thin with Spermicidal Lubricant

Everything we just described for the previous condom holds true for this one too. There is only one main difference between the two and that is the type of lubrication. Spermicidal Lubricant is the differentiating feature.

This condom contains Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide, which provides extra protection against pregnancy ONLY. The added protection does not apply against AIDS and other common STDs. The protection you get is the same as with any other Trojan latex condom.

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Magnum Thin

Magnum Thin is larger than Trojan's standard size condoms. It's tapered at the base, widens towards the top and has a reservoir end. Look at the image below to get a better idea of this "big boy".

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Trojan BareSkin

Trojan BareSkin is the thinnest of the thin for Trojan. Remember, it's 40% thinner than any other option in their selection. BareSkin is a straight wall condom with the same width all the way up. It's available in a standard size.

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Trojan Studded BareSkin

Every condom we feature in this article is smooth, sporting no ribs or studs, with the exception of this one. Trojan Studded BareSkin is the thinnest studded condom in this brand’s line up. The elevated studs help you achieve maximum stimulation.

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Magnum BareSkin

Magnum BareSkin is a condom with a bulbous end (lightbulb). It's a size larger than the original BareSkin we just talked about. Due to its soft material, it expands nicely without any uncomfortable constricting feeling.

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Trojan Supra

Trojan Supra is the only polyurethane condom Trojan has. This non-latex material is not as stretchy as natural latex. Therefore, even though its base is slightly wider, large men typically have a hard time putting it on. Polyurethane has its advantages, however, as it transmits body heat quite nicely.

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Naturalamb is another non-latex condom that’s so unique it falls into its own separate category. We recommend reading more about this interesting prophylactic that has many nicknames. You might recognize it under the moniker lambskin, or maybe sheepskin to name but a couple.

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Now that we’ve gone through the product offering, we want to answer a few more commonly asked questions for you.

Do Trojan ultra thin condoms have spermicide?

Yes, one does. The whole product name is Trojan Ultra Thin with Spermicidal Lubricant. If you missed this one scroll up a few paragraphs. Click the link and go to the product page to learn more, find the current price, available deals and more.

Do Trojan ultra thin condoms break easily?

No, they don't! Trojan ultra thin condoms are strong and durable. The thought that they break easily is just a myth. They meet and exceed all requirements set by the FDA. If the condom breaks, it's usually the user who’s to blame and not the manufacturer.

What are the thinnest Trojan condoms?

Currently, the thinnest Trojan condom is the Trojan BareSkin Original. As we mentioned, it’s 40% thinner than any other standard condoms from this manufacturer.


It’s not surprising that Trojan ultra thin condoms is perhaps the favorite category this mega brand offers. You get that close feel you want in quite a few varieties.

If you choose these for your first time using condoms, lucky you. If you’ve been using rubbers for a long time but never tried these, it’s time to put one on the next time. We have a feeling you’re going to really like them.

Regardless what you end up using, order your condoms in advance to get them discreetly to your door in time. Hump Responsibly!