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Are Condoms Reusable? Can You Reuse a Condom?

Are Condoms Reusable? Can You Reuse a Condom?

I have often wondered if condoms are reusable. I know that condoms use a material that is strong and you could wash them. Right? I have never done it, but I was just wondering if you can reuse a condom. It seems like you could. Are Condoms Reusable? Can You Reuse a Condom?

We occasionally get asked the question and the answer is an emphatic No! Yes, you could wash them, and yes, they are made of a strong material. But, there are just too many variables that could decrease the effectiveness if you reuse a condom. For instance, you might not get the condom clean enough, and the more you handle a condom the more chance there is that you could damage it.

Condoms are an inexpensive method for preventing unplanned pregnancies and STDs, or STIs as they are also sometimes called. To make them even more affordable, you may think about buying condoms in larger quantities. You can sometimes get a discount when you buy a bigger box or in bulk. You can buy condoms online in any amount.

Once again, you should NEVER reuse a condom.