Next Time, Take Astroglide for a Spin

When it comes to the intimate moments human beings enjoy the most, better glide makes achieving ultimate enjoyment easier. If you are a fan of this adult private activity Astroglide is or should be, your go-to product.

What's Astroglide?

In case it's not completely obvious, Astroglide is a favorite brand of high-quality personal lubricants for improving intimate activities.

Astroglide lubricants come in several varieties, and we look at all of them, item per item. We also give you recommendations to send you in the right direction the next time you shop for personal lubricants.

If you read our blog from time to time, you already know that condom lubrication plays an essential part in the overall effectiveness of prophylactics. We take that statement even further by saying that lubrication is perhaps even more important than a proper condom size. Without decent lubrication of any kind, natural or not, a condom is not too smooth to put on or in to be exact.

When you need to achieve a better glide during your bedroom acrobatics, a brand like Astroglide is your friend. 

Astroglide's products help moisturize your private parts — regardless of your gender, sexual orientation or pleasuring technique — whenever you might deploy them into the action.

We all want to feel great during our sexy time, right? This is why we believe that using a high-quality lube with a condom is a must.

If you use lube at all, you probably are already familiar with Astroglide as it’s one of the most well-known products of its kind. For those of you who are just getting to know lubricants, we hope that at the end of this article you have a pretty good understanding of the Astroglide line-up.

And now, let's slide with Astroglide all the way to the glorious end.

Brief Company History

Now a household brand, Astroglide started in 1991. The company behind this brand is the privately-owned BioFilm.

The company's headquarters, manufacturing facility, research and quality control laboratories, as well as its distribution center, are in Vista, California.

So, if you like to support American-made and owned companies, you can do so while you are getting it on.

Safety and superior quality

Personal lubricants sold in the U.S. market have to meet quality requirements set by the FDA. The FDA is a government agency that sets quality standards by listing the conditions products have to pass before hitting the shelves of stores. The FDA does this to protect consumers.

Astroglide takes pride in manufacturing high-quality products that comply with international quality standards and regulations as well as those set by the FDA here in the U.S.

Peace of mind is everything when it comes to slapping lube on your penis, vagina or wherever else you might put it.


Due to FDA regulations, you'll find a list of ingredients on the product, both on the box and the bottle or tube.

If you know that your body is sensitive to any particular ingredients, read the product sticker carefully. Astroglide gives your other options.

For more information about the ingredients scroll lower to the particular product and navigate to the dedicated product page by clicking the orange button.

Astroglide vs. KY

The term KY Jelly became synonymous with personal lubricants because the KY brand has been around longer. Now in close competition, if you are wondering about Astroglide vs. KY, you should know that the core products for both are rather similar. It's up to you to make the call in the head-to-head Astroglide vs. KY match up.

Astroglide Liquid vs. Gel

You might already know this, but it's worth mentioning again. Personal lubricants come in several consistencies and you may find one more enticing than another. Astroglide liquid vs. gel? If you are new to lubes, try them both and decide for yourself.

If you already have some experience in this area, you know that gel formulas are thicker and therefore tend to stay in place.

The liquid formulas, on the other hand, are a bit runnier but visually resemble natural body lubrication.

Astroglide Lubricants

The Astroglide selection features lubes that are created with a water, silicone or oil base. Depending on your particular intention for use, you can choose what fits your pallet. Let's take a look at the product line-up one by one, starting with the two most recognizable items.

Astroglide Gel

Astroglide Gel is a thick water-based formula. Due to its consistency, the gel tends to stay put, lasting longer. The gel feels smooth and soft on the skin and easily rinses off with lukewarm water. More importantly, the gel is compatible with natural rubber latex and polyurethane condoms. Astroglide Gel is also an excellent solution for relieving vaginal dryness.

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Astroglide Liquid

Astroglide Liquid is a signature product of the Astroglide brand, and it's safe to say that its popularity is behind the overall brand's success. Enjoy the smooth lubrication of this long-lasting and water-based formula. Condom users will welcome its compatibility with natural rubber latex condoms. Another function of this lube is to relieve vaginal dryness.

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Astroglide X

Astroglide X Silicone Liquid is a waterproof personal lubricant, and that means that you can deploy it every time you are in the mood for sex in the shower (and of course, the bedroom). Just remember that any silicone lube is slippery in wet conditions. Astroglide X is a silky smooth liquid with a long-lasting formula that goes the distance.

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Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel

Astroglide Diamond is a gel version of the liquid silicon lube we just described above, but there is an essential difference in the thickness of its consistency. Astroglide Diamond features a blend of high-quality ingredients to create an excellent experience whether you use it in or out of the water.

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Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel

Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel is, as its name suggests, a gentle and hypoallergenic water-based formula. If you are allergic to glycerin, parabens, fragrances or alcohol, this gel lube is free of all those ingredients. Its thicker consistency helps the gel stay in place, which is highly appreciated. If you like to use gel lubes and have known sensitivity to any of the ingredients we mentioned earlier, the Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel is an excellent choice.

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Astroglide Natural Liquid

Astroglide Natural is a liquid lube made without ingredients commonly used in many standard lubricants. In more specific terms this water-based formula is free of glycerin, parabens, fragrance, flavors as well as hormones. Astroglide Natural is packed with botanical ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile among others. It's also a soothing remedy for vaginal dryness.

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Astroglide Strawberry Liquid

Astroglide Strawberry lube is just what you want to use when you want to experience a fresh scent and taste of strawberries while being in the heat of the passionate moment. This water-based liquid formula is compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms.

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Astroglide Warming

Astroglide Warming is a water-based lubricant that provides soft tingling sensations. Expect the same smooth lubrication of the long-lasting Astroglide Liquid signature lube plus warming stimulation in your most sensitive regions. This Astroglide lube is condom compatible.

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Astroglide O Oil is an organic oil-based personal lubricant and massage oil. This two-in-one lube infused with Ylang Ylang essential oil combines with a coconut scent. This 99% organic formula is ultra-hydrating to bring excitement to a variety of intimate play.

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Astroglide for anal

Anal sex is an intimate discipline favored by many. To ease the friction in that particular region, using lube is always a wise choice. There are a few lubes from Astroglide for anal shenanigans. Products like Astroglide Liquid, Gel or Ultra Gentle Gel should get the job done nice and smooth.

Where to buy Astroglide

Astroglide is available everywhere this type of product is usually available but why waste time and money? Simply go to, and we will ship it to you discreetly packed right to your doorstep. By the way, we've been doing this for over a decade.

Astroglide free sample

We do provide free stuff occasionally, so go to our website through one of the orange buttons below every Astroglide product we featured above. If it's not an Astroglide sample you may get something else for free. 

If for some reason you don't find anything for free leave us a note during your checkout process while placing your order and we will do our best to add a free item to your order.

Astroglide review

Here at CondomJungle, we've been supporters of the Astroglide lubes for many years. We believe this brand aligns the most with our vision of an ideal product selection as well as the packaging appearance, high quality and, more importantly, the price.


Astroglide is a leading brand of high-quality personal lubricants with over a quarter of a century of experience. 

They continually develop products to suit a wide variety of users and intimate scenarios.

Specific Astroglide lubricants are great for relieving vaginal dryness, shower sex and also for users with sensitivity to ingredients generally used in lubes. 

Whether you prefer a liquid or gel formula, their selection has you covered.

Explore Astroglide on your own and see what item fits your adult escapades in the most comfortable, slippery and naughty way possible.

Astroglide Lubricants