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Astroglide Lubricants

A little lubricant goes a long way to transform good sex into great sex. Using a quality lubricant like Astroglide with condoms helps to ramp up performance and lessen any irritation while getting down and dirty. Less irritation equals more pleasure and less risk that the condom will tear. Astroglide’s long lasting formula will give you hours of lubrication that doesn't leave any residue and won't become sticky. All of their lubricants are compatible with condoms and create a slick setting that actually makes condom use easier. Whether you prefer a water based or silicone based lube, Astroglide has something for you.

Astroglide Liquid is part of their water based collection. It mimics your natural body fluids so you can use it liberally wherever you’d like. It's also great, just like other Astroglide products, as a vaginal moisturizer. Astroglide Gel is the most popular of Astroglide lubricants. It's best for those who prefer their water based lubes as a thicker jelly over liquid. The rich gel is longer lasting so it'll stand up to lengthy intimate activities. For users with sensitive skin prone to irritation or who simply prefer to use all natural products Astroglide Natural is for you. It's free of parabens, fragrance, and glycerin but big on soothing botanical ingredients and works just like their original liquid version. If you want to add some flavor to the mix then try Astroglide Strawberry. Adorn your sensual parts with a hint of strawberry to experience the sweet fruity taste and light scent as you lose yourself in pleasure. Take it up a notch with Astroglide Warming. It has the same feel as the original formulation but has a nice warming sensation. Use it for a stimulating massage to turn up the heat.

Many people prefer silicone lubricants over water based varieties and Astroglide has some premium offerings. Silicone lubricants tend to be better than water based versions when it comes to lasting longer and they are also condom compatible. Silicone provides amazing slip and its “waterproof” power is perfect for activities like shower sex and hot tub romps. Astroglide silicone lubricants will meet all of your performance demands and the fragrance and flavor free Astroglide X is a good place to start. Astroglide Diamond is a premium, long-lasting lubricant that shines bright over other ones. This ultra- concentrated silicone gel has a new stay put formula and high quality ingredients like coconut oil so no preservatives are necessary.

Astroglide products have a range for everyone's preference. You can trust that any type of Astroglide you purchase is condom compatible. Condom Jungle has Astroglide reviews for each product to help you decide. Our pricing is competitive so whether you're buying in bulk or a single tube you know you're getting the best deal. Plus when buying online you get the added bonus of anonymity since we ship out all our items in discreet packaging. That means no one else but you will know what slick secret is hiding inside your box. Now that you know where to buy Astroglide, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and your favorite Astroglide lubricant and get busy!

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