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Condom Jungle’s wide selection offers something for everyone from the seasoned user to the first time buyer. If you’re new to using contraception here is what you need to know. Condoms are sheaths, usually made of latex, worn over the penis to contain pre-cum and semen. This offers protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs. There are also female versions of the sheath made of polyurethane which is worn inside the vagina that block any bodily fluids from entering. We sell both kinds and all purchases are shipped to you with your privacy in mind.

Recent developments in design and technology has created an even larger range of offerings to fit every need and desire.  Before we get to the fun stuff here's a quick history lesson about your rubbers that even our most experienced wearer will learn something from. Condom usage has been documented as early as the 1500s when an outbreak of syphilis prompted the need for protection. It took a few hundred years for them to evolve into the latex coverings of today, but back then they used materials like linen, leather, and animal intestines to cover the penis. The first rubber sheath was produced in 1855 and by the turn of the century became the most popular form of birth control in Europe and North America.  Along came the roaring twenties and with it the invention of latex. Young's Rubber Company or what is now known as The Trojan brand was the first to make the latex condom and over the next hundred years had many other firsts.  

There’s a reason that Trojan is the most popular and #1 trusted brand in the USA. They have over 30 varieties of condoms that come in varying sizes and materials so you’re sure to find a favorite. Trojan ENZ is a brand staple with a slightly tighter fit and classic shape. If you prefer a roomier, more natural feel you can try their Ecstasy collection which features a comfort shape that has a rounder end. Trojan Ultra-Thin and Trojan Bareskin help you achieve a most sensitive feeling since they’re 40% thinner than other rubbers. Turn up the intensity with Trojan Ultra Ribbed or Trojan Her Pleasures. The different textures and stimulating lubricants will arouse your most sensual areas. Even those with a latex allergy can join the fun with Trojan Supra.

Those are just a few of the different styles of protection we have and there's much more. Check out our full list of condom types to see all that is available. We know that it can be overwhelming when faced with so many choices especially if you've never used a prophylactic before or just stuck with the same kind. Don't panic! We'll walk you through your options. If you're looking to enhance your pleasure or create more intense sensations try protection in the warming, textured, ultra-thin, or non-latex categories. No need to over think this decision, the best way to figure out what type of condom is right for you is to put it to the test in the bedroom.

One of the great things about using prophylactics, aside from the awesomeness of pregnancy and disease prevention, is the ability to wear one that fits your unique needs. Penises come in different sizes, shapes, and colors so you better believe that we have something to fit you. We sell popular brands in four different condom sizes - Snugger Fit, Regular, Large and XL. When it comes to defending against unwanted pregnancy and infection, size does matter.  Wearing the correct size helps to prevent common mishaps during sex like your rubber breaking or slipping off which decreases its effectiveness. You can use our handy condom size chart to help you decide on the best fit but typically the errors just mentioned will tip you off that you’re wearing the wrong size. All of our sizes come in a variety of brands so you can find one that suits you.

We are very selective when it comes to the brands we feature on our site.  All of our condom brands are of the highest quality so you can have confidence in your purchase. You'll find the more popular brands on our site like Trojan, Durex, LifeStyles in a variety of styles. Branch out and try something you've never heard of like ONE Condoms.  This brand is big on design and function as they use a more advanced latex material called Sensatex and their brightly colored circular packages add a nice visual touch.  Kimono is the leader in the ultra-thin market. They use Japanese engineering and premium materials to bring you incredibly thin and reliable contraceptives.

If you can't decide on just one type of condom to buy then variety packs are for you. Trojan, Durex, LifeStyles, and ONE all sell packs that showcase a few different styles within their brand.  If you like to stay loyal to one brand this is an easy way to try their other offerings. However, if you still have a hard time deciding what to buy or never bought contraception before then you have to get the First Time Variety Pack. This is not a mix of cheap condoms. This variety pack features top brands like Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Kimono, ONE, and many more.  You'll be able to try different sizes and styles to find which fits you and feels the best. Know that whichever brand and style you choose it will protect you and be at a great price point. We always ship orders in non-descript packaging and labels. You can have peace of mind that no one else will know what’s inside.

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