10 Reasons to Use Personal Lubricant

Personal lubricants enhance intimacy in so many ways. Keep read on to learn how. 

Prevent Condom Breakage and Increase Effectiveness

Perhaps the most important reason you should use lubricant is to increase condom effectiveness. It a known fact that condoms are one of the most effective methods for preventing unwanted pregnancies and they are really the only way (besides abstinence and what fun is that) to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. When there is friction there could be a break. 

Using lubricant reduces the likelihood that a condom will break, which in turn increases a condom's effectiveness. Adding a bit of lube is a very simple way to ensure that you are covered and have the maximum protection. 

Some lubricants include spermicide which serves as an extra protection against pregnancy.

Moisten Up for All-Night Sexcapdes

Most of us know that even pre-lubricated condoms usually need a little more juice along the way, especially if your sexcapdes last a little longer than average. Using a lubricant moistens the loins to keep the fun going all night. Who wouldn't want that? 

More Comfortable for Guys

Did you know that guys can use lubricant on the inside of a condom too? Seriously, guys, you can, and probably should. If you partner is a bit dry, you know that adding some lube puts more slide into your motion. Why should guys not get the same benefits of lube against their skin? Put some on the inside of your condom next time too. You'll thank us. 

Extend the Pleasure

There are some lubricants that even prolong the time until you climax. No, really. These are called climax control lubricants. They desensitize the male genitals just enough so climax doesn't occur too early in the frolicking. No worries, this is only temporary so when you and your partner feel ready, orgasm awaits. 

Relieve Dryness During Intercourse

Some women, of all ages, experience vaginal dryness. This is usually normal (if symptoms persist, see a doctor) and does not reflect a lack of interest in sex or your partner. When it occurs, you can easily make sex more enjoyable by simply using a little bit of lube. It really does wonders. 

Use Lube for an Intimate Massage During Foreplay

Looking for a new way to get your partner in the mood? A massage can be super intimate and really heat things up. Smooth massage gels, warming oils and even arousal gels will get the party started. 

Add Some Flavor to Your Lovemaking

Are you a bit of a foodie? Try a flavored lubricant to delight your tastebuds. More of a travel fiend? Enjoy a vacation in your own bedroom by transporting the two of you to an exotic locale with, say, a pina colada lube. Lap up the luxury and lick to your heart's content. 

Open the Backdoor

When engaging in anal sex, remember to always use lube which makes the act much more comfortable and pleasurable. 

Use Lubricant With or Without a Condom

For many of the reasons you use lubricant with a condom, you can also use lube au natural. 

The Cheapest Way to Improve Your Sex Life

If you haven't been using lube, spending just a few bucks on a bottle will ignite your passion and have you both begging for more. We'd say that's a very good reason. 

There you have it. Ten reasons to use personal lubricant.