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Durex Condoms

Durex has a long history of making condoms as they’ve been in the business of pleasure for more than 80 years. It all started in 1929 when the London Rubber Company registered the brand and began manufacturing Durex Condoms. Since then they have had many firsts in the industry like being the first to release an anatomically shaped condom in the swinging 60s to being one of the first condom brands to launch a website in the 1990s. They are involved in social programs that support healthy sexuality like with “Program H” in Brazil that promotes gender equality. It’s even the condom of choice for Olympians as Durex provided 150,000 free condoms to more than 10,000 athletes that competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Their products are innovative and created based upon research of sexual behavior so what they make is bound to meet everyone’s wants and desires.

Durex has a wide selection of condoms to fit your needs and enhance your experience. If its extra stimulation you’re after put on a Durex Intense Sensation. Dotted all over with extra-large studs, your partner will experience more pleasure with each thrust. To last longer and maximize sensation use Durex Performax Intense, the delayed lubricant will slow you down while the dots and ribbing rev her up. If you’re lucky enough to be packing heat and need a bigger condom then Durex XXL is for you. This has a great fitted shape that is longer and wider than other condoms, so it’s more comfortable and easy to put on. Sex should always be safe but fun is equally important and what’s more fun than adding a little flavor to the mix. Durex Tropical gives you an assortment of tropical flavored and scented condoms in different colors. Choose from orange, strawberry, or banana and sail away to a pleasurable paradise. Don’t just limit yourself to one kind, you can have it all if you buy Durex Pleasure Pack a nice assortment of their popular pleasure enhancing condoms for heightened sensitivity.

Feeling as close as possible during sex is important and the following options help you to feel more. Durex Extra Sensitive is a super thin condom with a great fitted shape. It stays on to protect, but since it’s 20% thinner you’ll feel more of your partner and less condom. Durex Invisible will feel like you are wearing nothing at all because it is the thinnest condom they make. There’s even something for those that are allergic to latex. Get the same protection minus any allergens when you use Durex Real Feel. This non-latex condom made of polyisoprene transmits body heat better and is softer than latex so you can experience a most intimate feeling.

With so many options for condoms available today why does Durex continue to stand out amongst the crowd? They think ahead! In the early 50s they were the first condom company to electronically test their products. This commitment to their products is what makes Durex Condoms a top choice for protection and why they were the first to adopt a global seal of quality making them the #1 worldwide brand. Each Durex condom is electronically tested to make sure it’s up to par. To go above and beyond, a sample of condoms is taken from each batch and undergoes extremely thorough testing to make sure it exceeds international standards. The samples go through an air inflation test to check its strength and stretchiness. It then goes through a leakage test, where the condom is filled with water and suspended for one minute. Then it’s rolled on blotting paper to check for any leakage. They are so committed to delivering the highest in quality that if a sample doesn’t pass just one of the tests the whole batch of condoms is thrown out, which could be up to 432,000 condoms! Not only are their condoms put to the test but the brand actively takes on research projects so that they can improve on and create condoms that meet your needs.

Durex conducted a global research survey in 2006/07 where they surveyed 26,000 people across 26 countries about their sex lives and levels of sexual satisfaction. A majority of people find sex enjoyable and a big part of their life, but surprisingly less than half are fully satisfied with their sex life. Lucky for us, the survey identified four areas we can make sure are optimal to get more satisfaction and Durex condoms can help you in each one. First, it’s important to have good health and be free from stress. Using condoms is one way to maintain health as it protects you from STIs and eliminates the stress that comes from worrying about an unplanned pregnancy. We need to be free of sexual dysfunction so we can feel less inhibited and enjoy sex more. How we feel in our emotional relationships also plays a big role into our satisfaction. It’s important to feel secure and comfortable. And last but not least is the need for excitement! We crave variety and fun. Surveys like this one help to spot trends in sexual behavior so Durex’s products are tailored to your diverse needs. No wonder they are the World’s #1 condom brand.

You know that each time you use a Durex condom you’re using a product that underwent rigorous testing and is the result of research on how to help you achieve sexual satisfaction. Condom Jungle sells all the top choices from this brand and whichever one you choose will be sent to your door in our guaranteed discreet packaging. Durex has always been on the forefront of pleasure, isn’t it time you joined them?

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