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K-Y Lubricants

When you think of lubricants, chances are the first thing you think of is K-Y. That’s because K-Y has been around since 1904 and has helped in millions, if not billions, of sexual experiences. K-Y is the one you don’t mind leaving in your medicine cabinet if anyone happens to stop by; a four gallon tub of anal lube might lead to a few more eyebrows (sorry, we’re currently out of four-gallon tubs of anal lube).

K-Y lubricants are silicon-based, so they are inert, meaning that they don’t have any negative effects in the body. K-Y offers a variety of products for vaginal moisture, as well as warming lubes if you desire that added pleasure. K-Y products, while not the most “scandalous” item we sell, will still be shipped just as quickly and discreetly as any of our products. Only you’ll know what pleasure awaits inside. Get moving with K-Y Lubricants!