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How Long Can You Wear a Condom?

I was wondering how long you can wear a condom? I was once with a guy on New Year's Eve. We had been drinking kind of a lot and started having sex when we got back to his place but we fell asleep after awhile. When we woke up, he still had the condom on. Is it OK to use it again in situations like that?
How long can you wear a condom is a good question. The length of sexual activity varies greatly from person to person and for each encounter so there is no hard and fast answer to how long you can wear a condom. We usually say: as long as you maintain an erection. If you lose an erection, the effectiveness of the condom may be compromised because any secreted bodily fluids could swap out of the condom and find their way to your partner.

If you do lose an erection during intercourse, take a quick moment and put on a new condom once you again become hard. It's always better to be safe. If you and your partner like to have extremely long lovemaking session, first, good for you! You should be fine with one condom as long as you remain hard.

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