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How Do I Pick The Right Size Condom?

I guess I am kinda new to using condoms. I'm 19 and have only been having sex for a couple of years. I have always used the same condom Trojan-ENZ Lubricated Condoms. Believe it or not, my dad told me about those condoms so that is what I have been using. There are so many types of condoms out there especially when I went to buy condoms online the first time. I wanted to ask how do I pick the right condom size for me? The Trojan ENZ feels a little tight. Do you think there might be a better condom for me?
Believe it or not, picking the right condom size can be a bit tricky. We say this because even when a condom says "Large" it doesn't mean it's the same size as another brand's large condoms and likewise when it comes to small condoms. To pick the right condom size, you should know your erect penis size and also review the stats on the condom box. Remember to check both the base width (or circumference) and the length of a condom.

There are small condoms, regular or standard condoms, large condoms and extra-large condoms. Having said that, we recommended trying standard size condoms first, especially if you are new to using prophylactics. If they seem to fit well and feel comfortable, keep using them and find a style that you like (lubricated, warming, etc.). If a condom comes off or breaks during sex, trying going up or down a size and see if that helps. You said that Trojan ENZ feels a little tight. Maybe you should consider using a large condom. Condoms should stay in place and not feel constricting. Since yo have been using a Trojan condom, you can stick with the same brand but try another variety such as one of the large or Magnum condoms.

Picking the right condom size has a lot to do with the how comfortable they feel. For some of the guys who think that condoms are uncomfortable, it's just because they are using the wrong size. Good luck with finding the right condom size for you.

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