What Should I Do When a Condom Gets Dry During Sex?

You’re in the throes of doing the nasty and then it happens… the hotness of passion turns into the dryness of the outback downunder, making you wonder: 

"What should I do when a condom gets dry during sex?"

Dealing with dryness is a common concern, especially for new and less experienced condom users. 

Even though you guys are totally into each other and into doing it, our bodies sometimes simply don’t cooperate. 

It’s a normal phenomenon, so keep reading to find out how to get a condom from dry to wet and ready for longer lasting action.

The majority of condoms come pre-lubricated straight from the wrapper. 

Some have more lubrication, and some less, depending on their particular type. 

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Nonetheless, you have a pre-lubed condom either way. Whatever the case might be for your lubricated condom, using additional, and compatible, personal lubricant makes your experience more natural. 

It’s also more pleasurable for your partner when things slide in and out without that much uncomfortable friction.

Types of lubricants on a condom

Manufacturers pre-lubricate condoms mostly with two types of lubrication, and one of them is much more common.

  1. Water-based lubrication 
  2. Silicone-based lubrication


Water-based lubricant, as its name indicates, consists of water particles. 

When this lube is in use, and the formula is exposed to air, it starts to evaporate, making it dry out faster. You can compare it to your saliva, which acts very similarly when used as a natural lubricant.

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Then there are silicone-based lubricants that have a longer lasting effect since the formula includes are no water particles. In other words, silicone-based lube won't dry out as quickly as is the case with water-based lube.

In some cases, you stumble upon a condom that has both lubes. One is on the inside of the condom, and the other is on the outside.

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So, the next time you ask yourself a question about what to do when a condom gets dry during sex, you should know it's perfectly normal and natural. Condoms eventually dry out sooner or later, depending on several circumstances such as your partner's natural lubrication. This part varies from person to person.

The level of natural  vaginal lubrication is different for each woman. One babe may gush with self-lubrication while someone else produces a much smaller amount. If this is the case, have a bottle or tube of your favorite lubricant close by so you can get it in a jiffy without interrupting the heat of the moment.

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To sum it up

Condoms dry out during use, that's a fact. 

The way you can avoid dry friction is to use additional lubricant as needed. All that it takes is a small amount of lube.

One piece of advice to you as briefly mentioned earlier: always use a compatible condom lubricant.

How do you know what lubes are compatible?

Read the condom packaging or the product page for this type of information. As a rule of thumb, practically all  latex condoms are compatible with water-based lubricants and, unless otherwise stated, also with silicone-based lubes.

As you can see, you have lots of lube options available to you so there is absolutely no reason to be dry as a bone when you are boning. 

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