Flavored Condoms: A Full Sensory Experience

Food and sex—a couple of life’s biggest pleasures.

You can pair the two with flavored condoms to maximize of all things sensual without compromising on safety.

With such a hearty assortment of condom flavors, you can experiment with an erotic buffet sure to satisfy any craving.

What are flavored condoms for?

Flavored condoms are just like any other prophylactics when it comes to their main purpose.

They significantly decrease your chances of getting pregnant and catching a wide range of STIs.

Besides this fact, they feature a little something extra -- a particular flavor or scent.

Let's first start with the inception of flavored condoms by peeking into their rather short yet tasty history.

A brief history of flavored condoms

The  history of condoms spans at least the last hundred years. If you want to be a stickler for accuracy, however, we have to go back even further-- all the way to ancient Egypt. That’s where we see the first signs of condom-like coverings.

In comparison, condoms with flavors are relatively new, going back only a few of decades.

Wild 1980's 

When the HIV epidemic hit in the middle of the 1980s, the need for bringing attention to the importance of condom use skyrocketed in our modern society.

This opened the floodgates of creativity for the manufacturers. Quickly developing condoms that were more fun, manufacturers added a variety of condom types to entice more people to use condoms as a part of their healthy and responsible safe sex habits.

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Flavored Condoms and Oral Sex

Flavored condoms are a great counterpart to oral sex.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately,  85% of men and women say they’ve performed this oral sexual activity on a partner.

oral sex stats pie

Source: CDC.gov

Whether performing or receiving oral sex can also give you aside pleasure a variety of common STIs such as syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, herpes, and others.

Yes, you can get an STI in your mouth, and no, mouthwash doesn't magically wash it away.

Flavored condoms, on the other hand, are a tasty solution that spares you of one of these notorious sexual infections.

So, to answer the yearning question of what are flavored condoms for — if you haven't guessed by now, they were invented primarily for safer oral sex.

Types of flavored condoms

You might have already come across flavored condoms while browsing online condom stores.

Quite a variety of flavors and scents awaits you.

Let's take a look at some of the popular condom flavors.


chocolate flavored condoms

If you love chocolate, then you are in for a treat. No more making hard compromises -- chocolate or having sex. Chocolate flavored condoms let you mix two of your favorite things.

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strawberry flavored condoms

Yep, it's true. You can dress up your penis with a strawberry-flavored condom and stimulate your taste buds with a fruity punch.

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mint flavored condoms

Mint has certain health benefits. Some even say that inhaling the aroma of essential oils improves brain functions. We are not saying that putting on a mint-scented condom makes you a genius though it is genius in another way. The condom keeps you safe while the mint aroma relaxes and releases stress, just like intimate moments do.

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banana flavored condoms

It's hard not to notice that a penis resembles a banana, and with that fruit being one of the most beloved, pairing these two is perfect for when you are going down.

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vanilla flavored condoms

Vanilla might seem a bit plain, but don't underestimate the power of its scent. Many find it quite intoxicating, and when paired with a prophylactic, it's a sexy combo.

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So, how many flavors of condoms are there?

There are quite a few flavors available on the market, more than we mentioned. The most popular are those with fresh fruit scents. Others taste like your favorite cocktail. Check out  our current selection for all our flavored condoms.

When you shop for these colorful and smelly-in a good way rubbers, there are a few things to look for since not all are created equal. Depending on your intentions, read the product label.

Here's why.

If you are looking to practice safer sex, you need to always use name brand condoms. These products undergo rigorous testing to meet strict FDA (in the USA) and other international regulations.

You might come across novelty condoms that are intended strictly for entertainment purposes.

If you love pizza, weed or bacon, we can't help you with flavored condoms in those scents (at least for now). These are considered gag gifts and they don't have the quality for oral or vaginal use.

CondomJungle is a seller of premium quality condoms intended for safer sex. That's why we don't carry novelty-flavored condoms. (FYI: all the condoms we offer come from reputable brands).


Flavored condoms have a similar cost as the price of other latex condoms. A 12-pack usually costs around $10-$12.

Warning: Don't try to pinch a penny when buying condoms. Be cautious of heavily discounted condoms because there is often a potentially scary reason for that.

Can flavored condoms cause yeast infections?

As unique as our bodies are, there is always a chance that particular ingredients in the lubricant can change the  balance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina.

Source: womenshealth.org

Contact your doctor if you notice any irregularities in any part of your body or have questions or concerns prior to use.

What are the best flavored condoms?

The best flavored condoms are those that both FDA approved and taste the best to you.

Aside from the flavor, still another way that these prophylactics stimulate the senses is visual, as most have a coordinating color to their scent.

Can you use flavored condoms for intercourse?

Unless otherwise stated on the product packaging, you can use any FDA-approved condoms for intercourse and oral pleasure.

Where to buy flavored condoms?

If you are shopping for flavored condoms you've come to the right place. Orders ship daily, packed discreetly in a plain, unmarked box right to your doorstep. Shop our wide selection right here at CondomJungle.

Major brands take on condoms with flavors


Durex Tropical Assorted Colors & Flavors

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LifeStyles Assorted Flavors & Colors

LifeStyles flavored condoms are called LifeStyles Assorted Flavors & Colors, click  here to try them out next time you do it!


SKYN Cocktail Club flavored condoms

SKYN Cocktail Club flavored condoms are unique because they are the first non-latex flavored condoms ever available. Click  here to try them out next time you do it!


Trustex Assorted Flavors

Trustex is THE brand when it comes to flavored condoms. Their selection of scents and flavors is the widest on the market. You're bound to find one that titillates your tongue. Click  here to try them out next time you do it!

Note: If you search the term "Trojan flavored condoms" on Google today, you will come up empty-handed. Surprisingly, this condom giant has no game when it comes to condoms with flavors. Don't be bummed out about it because other brands offer a smorgasbord of scented sheaths.

To wrap it up

If you are a frequent giver or receiver of oral pleasure, flavored condoms should be your best friend.

They are a popular solution to the ever-present risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection, such as herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV.

With STIs on the rise in the US, it's never been a better time to ask your partner to put on a flavored condom before the next time you blow him.

Regardless of your tastebud preferences, there are plenty of condom flavors for you.

We hope that flavored condoms make your private adult time safer, more enjoyable, and a whole lot tastier.

It's all about being safer while you have fun, so get some flavors and always hump responsibly.