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Flavored Condoms: A Full Sensory Experience

Flavored Condoms: A Full Sensory Experience

The old saying "everything in moderation" may ring true for certain things; but when it comes to picking out flavored condoms, a little excess can take you a long way. They offer maximization of all things sensual without compromising on safety. Most importantly though, this condom type gives you a chance to experiment with an erotic buffet of condom flavors to satisfy any craving.

Have a sweet tooth?
For anyone who craves sweets (we admit, we do too), try chocolate or sensuous vanilla condoms. All we can say is yum! If you want to give new meaning to the concept of banana split, show off your goods wrapped in that flavor or dip it into a chocolate strawberry flavored condom. Your partner will definitely want seconds on dessert.

Love the tropics?
Immerse yourself in a tropical experience by indulging in the tropical tastes of wild strawberry, island punch and tropical banana.

Like to color coordinate?
Each flavor comes in a matching color. Colored condoms add to the alluring visual feast that accompanies its sumptuous taste. Who wouldn't want to package up their sweet treat in a visually enticing yet delicious covering?

Good choice
Never forget that all these available condom flavors make a good choice for partners who love giving oral sex because the smell of latex is minimized.

How can you get our hands on flavored condoms?
Shopping online for flavored condoms is a great way to access a full range of condom flavors. Whatever you're in the mood for, you can find purchase options for a single flavor, multi-pack with an assortment of flavors, or in bulk. Try bringing a goodie basket of these to your next dinner party—we bet they will surely to be a crowd pleaser.

Savor your sensory sexual experience
No matter what rubbers you use, your partner’s goods are on display for a total visual turn-on. But if you thought you were using all of your senses during sex before… Try flavored condoms. These types of condoms are a fun way to truly involve all of the senses during lovemaking. They look good and taste great, and also have a lovely scent to go along with it.

As for your sense of hearing, well, that will be used as you listen to the oohs, ahhs, and mmms of your lover. You and your partner will be fully immersed in the taste profile of your choice and will want to put your hands all over these goodies, which will definitely make you feel awesome.

Done! All 5 senses satisfied.