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Do climax control condoms work? - Climax Control Condom Review

Questions and answers: Do climax control condoms work?

Condom manufacturers are focusing on providing the highest quality products that deliver desired satisfaction. Consumers wonder, “Do products like climax control condoms really work? Can they really delay a man's ejaculation?” Based on the rising popularity of climax control products, the answer is yes. We wanted to know what our customers think about climax control products so we asked and here are the results.

We wanted to know if they would use tested climax control products again and if they think these products actually help delay ejaculation. Twenty men participated in this anonymous mini survey. Although answers varied from very satisfied to not bad, and was worth trying to i'll stick to regular lubricated condoms, over 80% of our respondents were very happy and overall satisfied with the affect of the tested products.

How do climax control lubricants work?
Desensitizing condoms are lubricated inside with a lubricant that contains benzocaine. Benzocaine is a mild desensitizer (topical anesthetic) that, when absorbed slightly, numbs the tip of the penis which decreases its sensitivity. When this occurs, a man will enjoy prolonged performance for up to 10 minutes. Our test showed that that extended performance times varied from personal to person.

Are climax control lubricants safe?
Climax control condoms (Durex Performax Intense and Trojan Extended Pleasure) are FDA approved and safe to use.

What climax control condom products are available?
Major condom manufacturers like Trojan and Durex both make climax control condoms. Look for products named Trojan Extended Pleasure and Durex Performax Intense.

How much of this topical anesthetic is in the lubricant?
The Durex Performax Intense condoms box states the condoms contain 5% of benzocaine as an active ingredient. This percentage is very similar to Durex's competitor, Trojan, whose Extended Pleasure condoms include 4% of benzocaine as an active ingredient.

Who should use climax control products?
Anyone who wants to extend sexual pleasure or anyone who has problems with premature ejaculation or simply all who like to experiment and try new things.