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10 Reasons to Use Personal Lubricant

Personal lubricants enhance intimacy in so many ways. Read on to learn how.  Prevent Condom Breakage and Increase Effectiveness Perhaps the most important reason you should use lubricant is to increase condom effectiveness. We all know that condoms are one of the most effective methods for preventing unwanted pregnancies and they are really the only way (besides [...]

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Best Condoms for Lasting Longer, Hands Down

Benzocaine numbing condoms are somewhat unique. Their main feature provides a much-appreciated service for its users. Keep on reading to find out the ins and outs of the best condoms for lasting longer. Something truly great about these  types of condoms is that your partner doesn't have to know that you're even using them. That's because [...]

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Top 5 Resolutions If You Have Sex

Resolutions. Are you planning to make any this new year? We know sometimes it's hard to decide so we thought we'd help you out with a few of our favorite resolutions. These are important, and actually, rather easy to keep.5. Buy condoms in advance Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Yeah, yeah, [...]

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​Avoid The Ultimate Burst

Condom Jungle can’t think of a better way to spend your night than getting it on. But when you are getting hot and heavy with that sexy chick from the bar things can get intense quick! As we all know penile fractures are real, and even worse, they are common. Vigorous sex like the sex [...]

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Are Bearded Lovers Better?

Beards are a wardrobe staple of today's hipster. Just like always knowing what the coolest music is, hipsters know that facial hair makes men better lovers. Stay with us here. Beards are a sign of virility. Not every man can grow a bread. And for those who can't, even if they look better without one or don't [...]

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Gawd, That Bad Boy is Hot!

You spotted a guy. He's so sexy, he smolders. You want to do him the minute you lay eyes on him. A couple of drinks later, you approach him. Instead of asking for your number, he gives you his number and says, "Call me" and walks off. Oh, you call him alright. The [...]

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Condoms and Classic Advertising Taglines

Advertising tag lines…  They should be short and memorable, telling everyone what they should do or what your product or service is. Get a good tag and it's like grabbing the holy grail. Your slogan can generate tons of word of mouth advertising and even become part of the cultural lexicon. A tag can literally [...]

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Top 10 Cities With Beautiful Women

Where are the most beautiful women? Travel to these cities and you'll have your pick of gorgeous babes. Just make sure you  have your protection ready. 10. Hong Kong, China As the only Asian entry, Hong Kong makes the list because it's a fashion capital that has plenty of slim, pale, pretty girls. 9. Tel Aviv, Israel Bar Rafaeli. [...]

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What Is Your Orgasm Face?

Faces are expressive, for sure. For some of us, we don't need to say a word for everyone to know exactly how we feel--if we are sad, angry or unspeakably happy. But there is an occasion when our expression often belies our true emotions, and this is even true for those of us [...]

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No Excuses, Wear a Condom Dummy

Wear a condom. It doesn't seem like we should have to remind anyone to do that. It should be a given but some dumb asses still don't. And the excuses guys use to not wear one are so lame. Check out these excuses and our retorts. "I go soft when I try [...]

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