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Lubricant Brands

You may wonder, why so many brands of sexual lubricants...aren’t they all the same? Well, just like people’s love of Ford vs. Chevy, we all have our different experiences over the years which lead to our preferences. Leave a bottle of KY out in a hot car for too long and suddenly you’re a lifelong Durex fan. Never had a problem with a Trojan condom? You might trust their lubes. Wanna tell your friend what kind of lube you use? Astroglide. No name in history is more awesome than Astroglide.

You could try every brand of personal lubricant and think they’re all the same. Or you could try every one and have a definite idea of which is best and which just doesn't work for you. We offer all of them because we want to deliver you every type of lube in every brand you could possibly want, all straight to your door in discreet packaging. Choose from the best brands available, including Astroglide, LifeStyles, Durex, K-Y, ONE, Trojan, and Pjur.