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Condom Size Chart

If you think condoms are uncomfortable, you probably have been using the wrong size. We put together a handy condom size chart to help you determine what condom sizes are available. Condoms are stretchy, expanding enough to accommodate a variety of penis sizes. Just like every man, however, no penis is the same and one condom size does not fit all. So the size of the condom, not the penis size, is what really matters when practicing safe sex and wanting the ultimate in comfort.
 Condoms are one of the most effective methods you can use for preventing both unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The size of a condom (e.g. how well it fits) plays a huge role in thecondom's effectiveness. If a condom is too large, it could come off during intercourse while condoms that are too small could break. If a condom is not long enough to cover the entire penis, bodily fluids could be transferred to your partner. All these scenarios would decrease your level of protection. 
 Using the proper size condom also ensures the highest level of comfort, which is oh so important during acts of pleasure. It's not just the length of the penis to consider but also the girth. Well-endowed men, especially those who are thicker than average, are typically the ones who experience the most discomfort during sexual activity due to the ring or "head" of the condom being too small. 
 Fortunately, the condom industry offers a variety of sizes and shapes, and continually adds more options. Currently, there are four general condom categories: 
• Small condoms are typically 48 mm (1.9") in width and 160mm (6.3") in length 
• Regular or standard size condoms are usually 52 mm (2.0") wide and 7.9" (195mm) in length 
• Large condoms are typically 54 mm (2.1") in width and 7.9" (200mm) in length 
• Extra-Large condoms are typically 58 mm (2.3") in width and 205mm ( 8.1") in length 
 What makes it more challenging for users to select the perfect size is that condom manufacturers don't always define the sizes the same. One brand's "large condom" may be be the same as another brand's "extra-large condom". 
 If you are new to wearing condoms, you may need to try a couple of sizes. With complete anonymity, you can buy condoms online in 3 packs so you can try out a size. If unsure what size to use, start out with standard or regular size condoms then go up or down from there depending on your needs for best fit and comfort. Remember that you need to add an additional amount past the length of your erect penis so there is room at the tip for ejaculate.


Refer to the condom size chart below to see the variety of sizes that are available. 


LifeStyles Snugger Fit 49/1.9 160/6.3 Small
Caution Wear Iron Grip Snug Fit 49/1.9 170/6.7
Durex Extra Sensitive 52/2.1 200/7.9 Regular
Trojan Sensitivity BareSkin 52/2.1 195/7.9
Trojan Magnum Thin 54/2.1 205/8.1 Large
LifeStyles Skyn Large 56/2.2 200/7.5
Trojan Magnum XL 58/2.3 205/8.1 Extra Large
LifeStyles King XL Size 56/2.2 190/7.5