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Condom Size Chart: Find Your Best Fit

Condom Size Chart: Find Your Best Fit

Penises are three-dimensional, and every last one of them is just a little bit different than another. To make sex as safe as possible, condoms must fit each schlong, no matter how long, like a glove. OK, we know that’s a bit cliche, but seriously, proper fit is imperative to your safe sex practice. How do you know where to start? Use a condom size chart to make your shopping experience so much easier!


Why is size important?
Made of natural rubber latex or medical grade polyisoprene, condoms are stretchy and expand enough to accommodate a variety of penis sizes. Just about everyone knows that. But did you know that one condom doesn’t really fit all? The size of the prophylactic (e.g. how well it fits) plays a huge role when it comes to condom effectiveness. If it’s too large, it could come off during intercourse while condoms that are too small could break. And remember, it’s not just the length, which so many guys are obsessed with, but the circumference, that can be an issue when it comes to rubbers.

Well-endowed men, especially those thicker than average, are the ones who are most likely to experience some discomfort during sexual activity. That’s because although condoms generally will stretch enough to accommodate most any length, the ring or "head" of the condom may be too small, causing a constricting feel. If you are going to suit up because you made a conscious choice to reduce your chances of unwanted pregnancies and STDs, you want it to be as comfortable as possible too.

Using the proper size maximizes the condom effectiveness and helps to ensure the highest level of comfort, which is oh so important during acts of pleasure.

What’s available?
We are lucky enough to live in an era that offers much-needed, and much-wanted, variety. Choosing the right size rubber shouldn't feel like a task so here's a basic condom size chart * to help you determine what might work best for you.

Condom sizes are typically separated into four categories:
Small condoms are typically 49 mm (1.93") in width and 160mm (6.30") in length

Regular or standard size condoms are usually 52 mm (2.1") wide and 195mm (7.68") in length

Large condoms are typically 54 mm (2.13") in width and 200mm (8.87") in length

Extra-Large condoms are typically 56 mm (2.21") in width and 215mm ( 8.47") in length

Remember that condoms are stretchy so you don't have to be super specific with your measurements, just have a general idea, refer to this condom size chart and buy the ones that you think will fit you best. Then get busy.

Caution Wear Iron Grip 48 / 1.89 160 / 6.30 Small
LifeStyles Snugger Fit 49 / 1.93 170 / 6.69 Small
Durex Extra Sensitive 52 / 2.1 195 / 7.68 Standard
Trojan Sensitivity BareSkin 52 / 2.1 195 / 7.68 Standard
Trojan Magnum Thin 54 / 2.13 200 / 8.87 Large
Trojan Magnum Thin 54 / 2.13 200 / 8.87 Large

Trojan Magnum XL

56 / 2.21 215 / 8.47 Extra-Large
Durex XXL 56 / 2.21 225 / 8.86 Extra-Large

* This sizing chart is approximate; sizing for individual manufacturers may vary, sometimes significantly.